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Free Case Review With a Burn Injury Attorney for Victims in Metairie Louisiana

In the United States, catastrophic burn accidents happen with alarming frequency. The American Burn Association estimates that at least 450,000 individuals will require hospital treatment for burn injuries each year, and that fire and burn accidents represent the third leading cause of death in private homes. In Metairie LA, these accidents can happen in public facilities, private residences, and workplace environments.

Because many burn accidents can be attributed to an individual or organization’s negligence, personal injury laws are designed to help victims hold these entities accountable. By working with a qualified attorney, victims can better identify the source of their accident, collect necessary evidence, and move forward with an effective claim. The Louisiana personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw have the experience necessary to assist victims through this process so that they can secure the compensation needed to begin their recoveries.

What Are the Common Causes of Burn Accidents?

Burn injuries are the result of damage caused to the body’s tissue following exposure to heat, radiation, electricity, or corrosive chemicals. And while burn injuries can happen for many reasons, fire injury lawyers in Metairie see some types of burn accidents more frequently than others.

The following is a list of some of the most common sources of severe burn accidents in Metairie LA:

Defective Products

Too often, faulty products pose serious risks to consumers. When manufacturers incorporate hazardous materials, cut corners in the design process, or fail to provide adequate safety warnings, customers may pay a heavy price.

Some of the most common products that cause burn accidents include cleaning chemicals, heaters, batteries, and kitchen appliances. When products like these lead to accidents, victims may be eligible to recover compensation through product liability lawsuits with the help of Metairie burn injury attorneys.

Workplace Accidents

While all employers are responsible for maintaining safe working conditions for their employees, burn accidents can still happen at work. Workers may be exposed to electrical currents, corrosive chemicals, or unsafe levels of radiation when employers fail to take adequate safety precautions.

Most workplace accidents are covered through workers’ compensation claims, but a small number of these accidents result in the filing of third-party lawsuits against entities like manufacturers, vendors, or other subcontractors.

Premises Liability Incidents

When property owners of either private or public residences fail to maintain their facilities, fire and burn accidents can easily occur. Faulty electrical wiring and gas explosions are frequent sources of burn accidents in these spaces. By working with a fire injury lawyer in Metairie, victims can hold negligent property owners accountable through premises liability claims.

What to Do After a Burn Accident in Metairie LA

After a burn accident occurs, Metairie burn injury attorneys recommend that victims seek medical attention as quickly as possible. While the need for medical attention is obvious after many burn accidents, some victims fail to recognize that even minor burns can lead to serious consequences if left untreated.

Beyond acquiring medical attention, victims will want to consult with a qualified lawyer about their options in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Attorneys can help victims conduct in-depth investigations into the sources of their accidents and ensure that they receive the highest value financial settlements possible.

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