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Have You Been Exposed to the Coronavirus on a Cruise?

Question: Are you one of the thousands of Texas tourists who take advantage of the easy accessibility to cruise ships along the Gulf Coast every year?

Question: Has a cruise ship’s lack of proper precautions and quarantine protocol during a coronavirus outbreak directly led to you or a loved one contracting COVID-19?

Question: Have you been exposed to the coronavirus on a cruise?

Question: Are you seeking a lawyer who can help you to mitigate your coronavirus claim?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then continue reading to see if seeking compensation with the assistance of an experienced attorney is right for you.

Cruise Ships Are at Risk for Increased Spread of Coronavirus Due to Environmental Factors

Cruise vacations are a popular and fun activity for the entire family, but cruise ships are unfortunately prime targets for diseases to spread quickly due to the high population density on board, recycled air throughout the cabins, and multiple common areas with ideal surfaces for COVID-19 to cling to. All these factors are especially concerning if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, diabetic, or otherwise immunocompromised. If a cruise line fails to adequately sanitize their facilities or act quickly in the event of an outbreak, they could be held liable for damages inflicted upon you or your loved ones.

If you believe you have a valid coronavirus cruise ship claim, experienced Texas injury lawyers from Carabin Shaw can help you to seek compensation for medical damages incurred by lack of foresight and care on the part of the cruise line industry. We know just how important it is that we as a national community help those most affected by this unprecedented pandemic—we aren’t protected until all of us are protected. No family deserves to experience the mental and physical toll of contracting the novel coronavirus due to irresponsible or negligent handling of an outbreak aboard a cruise ship.

What Precautions Should Cruise Ships Take in the Event of a Novel Coronavirus Outbreak?
  • Passengers should be encouraged to frequently use hand sanitizer, wash hands, and keep their distance from others.
  • Surfaces should be sanitized thoroughly and often.
  • Staff should wear masks when serving passengers and should be tested frequently by monitoring for symptoms such as a persistent cough or high temperatures.
  • All passengers and crew should be tested whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic.
  • Passengers and crew who test positive for COVID-19 should be quarantined and should have no interaction with others.
  • Infected passengers and crew should be immediately removed from the cruise ship at the next port; other passengers and crew should be isolated for up to fourteen days to make sure they have not contracted the coronavirus.
What are Some Potential Damages If You Have Been Exposed to the Coronavirus on a Cruise?
  • Extended hospital stays including time spent on a respirator or in emergency care.
  • Expensive medical bills for extended emergency treatment.
  • Mental and emotional trauma from exposure to an outbreak.
  • Permanently reduced lung capacity that can cause additional complications in the future.
  • Death or serious illness caused by complications related to COVID-19.
An Experienced Lawyer Can Help You to Seek Fair Compensation

Have you been exposed to the coronavirus on a cruise? Do you live in one of the many areas of Texas served by Carabin Shaw Law Firm? If so, it is time for you to speak to an attorney to see if you have a valid coronavirus cruise ship claim. Call toll-free to speak to Carabin Shaw law firm’s Texas injury lawyers today at 1-800-862-1260. Our attorneys know that in these uncertain times, it is important to have someone with experience and compassion on your side.

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