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Have You Experienced Surgical Error at a New Mexico Hospital?

Have you experienced surgical error at a New Mexico hospital? If so, you are likely entitled to some compensation under New Mexico malpractice law. If you have experienced this type of malpractice and are wondering whether it would be beneficial to open a case, contact Carabin Shaw today to speak to a specialist in New Mexico medical malpractice.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

We put our trust into surgeons and physicians, believing that we will receive from them the highest level of care. This expectation is, unfortunately, not always reality. Whether through negligence, ignorance, or even impairment, a surgeon could slip up and make an error, making your surgery ineffective or even actively harmful.

However, not every instance of surgical error can be considered malpractice. Unavoidable complications to your surgery will not be considered the surgeon’s fault, so long as he or she acted professionally and provided you with the appropriate standard of care. A lawyer will likely not be able to help in those instances. That said, if the error was avoidable or a more competent or less negligent surgeon could have helped you, then you may have a case. If you are not sure whether a surgical error that you suffered constitutes malpractice, contact one of our New Mexico hospital negligence attorneys for a consultation.

Common Instances of Medical Malpractice

Our New Mexico medical malpractice lawyers will help you find out whether your surgical error is an instance of malpractice. There are several types of surgical error, some more apparently egregious than others. The medical community refers to surgical errors as WSPEs, or “wrong-site, wrong-procedure, and wrong-patient events.” These errors are all considered an equal violation of the patient’s rights. Some examples include:

  • Performing a procedure on the wrong part of the body (often the opposite side of the intended site)
  • Performing the incorrect surgical procedure
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Failing to ask and verify your information and medical history properly

Each of the above constitutes surgical error and malpractice. These mistakes are relatively rare but still happen several times a week.

If You Suspect Malpractice, Contact a Lawyer

If you are recovering from surgery and have experienced complications beyond those expected from your operation, you may have been the victim of surgical error. A medical malpractice attorney in New Mexico can help you determine whether your treatment constitutes malpractice.

While receiving medical attention should be your first step, considering a lawsuit should be your second. With Carabin Shaw, you can find a medical malpractice lawyer serving New Mexico today to discuss your next move.

When Should You Open a Malpractice Case?

If you have suffered from a surgical error and are looking to open a New Mexico medical malpractice case, it is best to act quickly. While the statute of limitations for medical malpractice in New Mexico is three years, your evidence will be more immediate, and your case will seem more compelling if you come forward immediately.

Any attorney will tell you that if you wait to start your case, it may seem as though the complications from the surgical error you underwent were not debilitating or life-altering enough to deserve compensation. Contact one of Carabin Shaw’s New Mexico medical malpractice lawyers. We can help you determine whether or not your case constitutes malpractice and how to proceed from there. You do not have to go through this complicated process alone.

Reach Out to Carabin Shaw Today

If you have been the victim of New Mexico medical malpractice, do not hesitate to contact Carabin Shaw. Our attorneys are well-versed in state malpractice law and can help determine whether you have a case and, if so, how best to present it. Contact our New Mexico office at 915-779-2301 or reach us toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

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