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Heavy Equipment Malfunction and Injury in Kermit, Texas Oilfields

Have you recently been injured in an oilfield near Kermit, Texas? You are likely wondering how you will financially recover, given what may be substantial medical bills and lost wages due to an inability to work. Fortunately, help is available. Contact Carabin Shaw at 1-800-862-1260 today to speak to a Kermit oilfield accident lawyer and begin your process of recovery.

Heavy Equipment Malfunction and Injury in Kermit, Texas Oilfields

Oilfield accidents are extremely common in Texas, more so than any other state: Between 2007 and 2012, the state was home to 40% of the 600-plus oilfield deaths nationwide. Many of these accidents are the result of heavy equipment failure, which can take several different forms. While equipment failure can sometimes be the unavoidable result of an accident, it often indicates negligent supervision. If you were injured by equipment failure on an oilfield, you are likely entitled to some compensation, which Kermit, Texas accident lawyers can help you obtain.

Poorly-Maintained and Operated Equipment

When machinery is not given proper upkeep, it risks failure. Improperly-maintained machinery risks catching fire, causing explosions, or releasing hazardous chemicals. Negligent supervisors may forego equipment maintenance as a cost-cutting or labor-saving measure, but doing so is in violation of several OSHA and state-level safety regulations. If you have been injured as a result of improperly-maintained equipment, an experienced Kermit oilfield accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation.

Even if properly maintained, heavy oilfield machinery poses a huge risk when operated incompetently or negligently. Earlier this year, Houston residents were subjected to dangerously high levels of benzene in the air after two oil vessels collided. Operating oil equipment poorly or distractedly is dangerous not only to workers, but to everyone living in the surrounding area. Operator error can be due to distraction, improper training, or bad supervision. If your injury was caused by user error, contact a work injury attorney in Kermit specializing in oilfield accidents.

Even if the error was caused entirely by the operator and not a supervisor, it is still incumbent upon the oil company to hire only those who are attentive and competent enough to avoid making such mistakes, and to give them the proper training to further avoid them. It is also necessary for supervisors to avoid giving orders that contradict proper safety procedures. For these reasons, improperly-operated machinery is a failure of supervision. The specificities of liability in an oilfield accident case can be confusing, but a knowledgeable Kermit oilfield accident lawyer can help you work through them.

How to Find an Oilfield Injury Attorney in Kermit, Texas

As oilfield work is so common and oilfield injuries so prevalent in Kermit, many lawyers will claim oilfield injury lawsuits as a specialty. For this reason, you must be selective when looking for an attorney. Make sure that, whoever you pick, your lawyer is actually knowledgeable about the specificities of oilfield injury lawsuits. They should be able to tell you what regulations were violated, who is liable, and how much you are owed for both economic and non-economic damages. Look out for inexperienced ambulance-chasers who claim the field as a specialty but cannot give you answers about specifics when you ask. Note that liability is often complicated in oilfield lawsuits, and that an attorney unfamiliar with its nuances stands to lose.

Carabin Shaw’s team of personal injury attorneys specializing in oilfield accidents has decades of combined experience and a record that shows the utmost dedication to our clients. We represent individuals who have been harmed by corporations and would like to see that harm legally addressed. For a free consultation or to schedule a meeting with one of our Kermit, Texas accident lawyers, call us today at 432-620-0544.

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