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Help After a Severe Burn Injury in San Angelo Texas

Have you or a loved one recently suffered a severe burn injury? The aftermath of a critical injury like a serious burn can overwhelm victims and their loved ones. Catastrophic burn injuries in San Angelo Tx can lead to disfigurement, disability, or death. Medical treatment can go on for months or years after the injury occurs.

When a severe burn is caused by another person or entity's negligence, victims should contact a San Angelo burn injury attorney to determine the best course for recovering compensation.

Causes of Severe Burn Injuries in San Angelo

Burn injuries in San Angelo occur in a variety of different situations. However, the three most common causes of severe burn injuries include auto accidents, defective products, and workplace accidents.

Car Wrecks

San Angelo is served by three U.S Highways: Highways 67, 87, and 277. After a car accident in San Angelo, vehicles may catch fire which can severely injure drivers or passengers. A San Angelo burn accident lawyer can help car accident victims hold any negligent parties responsible for damages.

Defective Products

Burn victims may suffer injuries due to fires caused by defective products, such as a faulty appliance or shoddy wiring. Often these injuries would have been avoided if it weren't for the negligent party, such as a manufacturer or property owner. For legal guidance and help after a severe burn injury in San Angelo Texas, call the Texas personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are another leading cause of severe burn injuries in San Angelo Tx. Victims may suffer electrocutions or chemical burns at work. However, keep in mind that your lawyer may only be able to recover compensation against a third party (such as another employee or the manufacturer of a defective product) if your employer has workers' compensation insurance.

Types of Burn Injuries

A San Angelo burn injury attorney has the experience necessary to pursue the maximum compensation for your case. The severity of your burn injury may determine how much compensation your attorney can recover after an accident.

Medical professionals typically divide burns into one of three categories:

First-Degree Burns

First-degree burns only affect the outer layer of a person's skin. Usually, these burns are treated with first aid. However, if a person receives first-degree burns over a large area of their skin, they may suffer scarring. Additionally, first degree burns on certain joints may require additional medical treatment.

Second-Degree Burns

These burns affect both the first and second layer of a person's skin. They can cause severe pain, blisters, and swelling. Additionally, second-degree burns can lead to significant scarring, especially if the burn covers a large area or affects the limbs. If you've suffered second-degree burns due to the negligence of another person or entity, it's best to seek the guidance of a San Angelo burn accident lawyer.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns often cause significant and permanent scarring. They affect all layers of the skin and the tissues underneath the skin. Skin grafts may be required to replace damaged skin and victims may suffer permanent nerve damage as a result of their injuries. Both second- and third-degree burns can be dangerous for victims due to severe pain, disfigurement, and the increased possibility of infection or sepsis.

How Our Lawyers at Carabin Shaw Help? Free Initial Consultation

A severe burn injury can have catastrophic and long-lasting effects on a victim and their loved ones. Permanent nerve damage may affect a person's ability to work and earn income. Severe scarring, disfigurement, and pain can affect someone for the rest of their life and may require psychological treatment to address trauma-related injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The team of Texas personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw have decades of combined experience in personal injury law. At Carabin Shaw, our team offers free initial case reviews and you can contact us at any time using our online form or by calling our toll-free number: 800-862-1260.

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