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Help for Lafayette Burn Victims

Burn injuries in Lafayette LA can leave victims with severe and long-lasting injuries that can change the course of their lives forever, both physically and financially. Burn victims in Lafayette are not alone because, unfortunately, burn injuries happen every day in the United States. According to the American Burn Association, there are over 1.1 million burn injuries per year that require some form of medical attention.

Fortunately, there is help for Lafayette burn victims. Lafayette Louisiana burn injury attorneys can help you recover compensation for both your physical and financial suffering from the negligent party that caused your burn accident. Hiring an experienced Louisiana burn accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw ensures that you will have an expert on your side fighting for your best interest. Carabin Shaw has nearly three decades of experience representing burn victims in Louisiana, and we always go above and beyond for our clients.

When Should You Consider Hiring a Lawyer After a Burn Injury?

You should consider hiring an attorney after suffering any injury that you believe was caused by someone else and resulted in monetary or physical damages. Personal injury cases are centered around proving that someone else’s negligence caused an injury, and then proving that the negligent party should compensate the injured party for the expenses they suffered as a result.

To have a successful personal injury claim, it is essential that someone else was at fault for your injury. Also, it’s important to note that you cannot file a claim for minor accidents that do not result in expenses or significant injuries.

What Constitutes Negligence?

With negligence being a central tenet of personal injury cases, defining what negligence is can help you understand when it is most appropriate to hire a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette. Negligence is generally defined as a failure to act in the same way that a reasonable person would under similar circumstances, and this failure to act reasonably causes an injury.

If you believe that someone else’s negligence caused your injury, consult Lafayette Louisiana burn injury attorneys.

How a Lawyer in Lafayette LA Can Help

An experienced attorney can help you in several ways after suffering a severe burn injury at the hands of another’s negligence.

Below are some of the most significant ways a lawyer can help you after a burn injury:

Collecting Evidence

Evidence is the centerpiece of any lawsuit, so knowing what to collect, how to preserve it, and how to present it is vital to the success of your case.

Determining Fault

If you file suit against the wrong party, your claim may be invalid. An experienced attorney can help you determine who caused your accident and how to hold them responsible.

Filing Legal Paperwork

Lawsuits are filled with complex legal paperwork that can be difficult to navigate for people without legal experience. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette ensures that everything will be filed properly and on time.

Negotiating With Insurers

Most personal injury claims are settled out of court, and insurance companies are usually the ones who pay the settlement. Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit organizations, so they will do everything in their power to minimize your settlement amount. Letting an experienced lawyer handle negotiations can help you get the settlement you truly deserve.

Consult a law firm in your area with years of experience working burn injury cases, like Carabin Shaw.

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When someone else’s negligence leads to your burn injuries, they should be held responsible for the damage they’ve done. Hiring a Louisiana burn accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw means that you will have a professional working your case that knows how to fight for every penny of compensation that you deserve. Our law firm has recovered over $1 billion for our past clients and has been named a top ten law firm in the nation for client satisfaction.

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