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Hill Country Commercial Trucker Driver Fatigue

Hill country commercial trucker driver fatigue and the hill country 18-wheeler accidents they cause normally occur during the first two and last two hours of a truck driver’s day. The attorneys at Carabin Shaw’s location in the Hill Country, Texas, have studies that show that these four hours are the deadliest working hours for the truck drivers, as well as the deadliest for drivers who share the road with them. In fact, during their training, drivers are taught this very fact.

You may be wondering why these hours are so lethal for drivers sharing the road with truckers. You may even be able to draw a correlation to the early morning or late evening hours and the time of day you were hit. It may very well be that you’re a victim of a trucking accident in the Hill Country area during these time frames. If so, you need a Carabin Shaw, Hill Country commercial trucker negligence lawyer to represent you, or fight for a loved one who can no longer speak for themselves.

What Causes Hill Country Commercial Trucker Driver Fatigue?

Carabin Shaw attorneys have seen over and over again the devastation caused by a trucker, who in their rush to get on the road and get their day started became so impatient or preoccupied that they ended up slamming into an innocent driver, causing pain and suffering to them and their loved ones, and changing their lives, possibly forever.

Truck driver fatigue happens when drivers become so preoccupied with the duties of their job that they forget to rest, such as

  • Loading their commodities or products, hitching up the trailer to the truck,
  • Conducting their pre-inspection,
  • Checking fluids like oil, water, transmission and hydraulics,
  • Checking the air in their tires,
  • Reviewing their manifest and then matching it up to their bill of lading,
  • Viewing their logs,
  • Ensuring the destination and routes they will be traveling are open and clear,
  • And planning the fastest, shortest avenue to their destination.

Ten percent of commercial drivers carry loads that are categorized as either hazmat or oversized, which means the routes they can take are limited. Some oversized loads can only be driven during certain times of the day on the interstates, and drivers try to drive either very early or late in the day to avoid rush hour. To complicate things even more, a driver may have to use a pilot car, which slows them down even more and can make for a long day.

All of these factors can cause a driver to push to the point of carelessness, resulting in an 18-wheeler accident due to Hill Country commercial trucker driver fatigue. Time primarily drives commercial truckers, and a late or delayed drop-off time can result in waiting a day or two, even a week before they can unload— all this equates to rushing, long-haul fatigue, and the disastrous consequences that may ensue.

Contact Carabin Shaw of the Hill Country, Texas, Today

At Carabin Shaw, our lawyers know the trauma that victims such as yourself or a loved one have suffered due to hill country 18-wheeler accidents. We’ve seen the devastation caused by spinal cord injuries to those who now face life in a wheelchair, and the heartache of families watching their loved ones fight head trauma and long-term brain damage to gain some semblance of their former life. And sadly, we have seen too many families bury a loved one and face the heartache of never hearing that person’s laughter ever again.

Carabin Shaw attorneys fight to bring justice to our clients because regardless of the demands a job might have, truckers have precautions that could have been followed and weren’t. There are laws in place meant to insure your safety is first, and when these laws are ignored and people suffer due to Hill Country commercial trucker driver fatigue, our lawyers at Carabin Shaw in the Hill Country, Texas will fight to bring you justice.

Our attorneys at Carabin Shaw know your pain is real, and we understand that your loss is devastating. Our legal representatives are experts the law and know how to apply it to the fullest extent to get the justice you are entitled to. If you need the experience and expertise of Carabin Shaw to be your voice, contact us today. Let us help you regain hope for a brighter tomorrow. Our courteous, bilingual attorneys are standing by to help you with a free case consultation; call us at 210-222-2288 or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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