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Hill Country Rear End Collisions

Hill Country rear end collisions happen when the front of a car hits the rear end of the car in front of them. This type of accident is very common in the Hill Country surrounding San Antonio and is typically caused by one driver following another car too closely and, as a result, being unable to brake in time to avoid hitting the car.

Sharp turns and blind spots, as well as speed limit signs, guardrails, and wildlife warnings, can be found along almost every stretch of highway, county road, farm-to-market road, by-lane, and even some residential lanes between Waco and San Antonio. Unfortunately, both the turns and the signs warning drivers about them are frequently ignored. Our lawyers take these common backroad driving habits into account when advocating for your rights. Just because driving twenty miles per hour over the speed limit while taking a familiar curve is a daily Hill Country practice does not mean you should have to suffer the consequences of someone else’s lack of caution.

Another common experience on such roads are drivers who will pressure you into driving even faster before crossing over into a lane clearly designated for oncoming traffic. Known as tailgating, this situation automatically compromises the offending driver’s ability to see turtles, vultures, armadillos, deer, raccoons, and other wildlife that may easily be obstructing the roadway ahead, causing the car at the head of the traffic to swerve or brake to avoid damage to their vehicle. Our attorneys understand how to argue culpability in cases just like these.

At Carabin Shaw we take on Hill Country rear end collisions, including cases involving:

  • Accidents caused by following too closely
  • Accidents caused by distractions like being on a cell phone
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Poor visibility
  • Inattentiveness, negligence, and poor response time when the car in front brakes
  • Foot sliding off the brake
  • A sudden stop

If you or a loved one were the victims of any of the above types of Hill Country rear end collisions, and you were not at fault, you may be able to file a lawsuit for compensation from injuries, property damage, lost wages, medical expenses, and disability. Our team of lawyers have decades of experience pursuing and earning legal recompense for any of the above scenarios. If you are not sure where or how the law protects your rights after an accident like any of the Hill Country scenarios listed above, let us help walk you through your rights and a potential legal strategy that could lead to complete restoration of your vehicle and your health.


If you have suffered injuries from a rear end collision accident call us—we can help. At Carabin Shaw, every single one of our clients is important to us. We offer free consultations, so do not hesitate to contact us, day or night, at 800-862-1260. Our attorneys and our entire staff are committed to a multi-lingual workspace—se habla español. This means that we will make 100% sure that you understand what your rights are, what we are prepared to do on your behalf, and how we would represent your interests—all before you sign anything.

A Carabin Shaw hill country rear end collision lawyer is a call away. We can help you get the answers to your questions or concerns at no cost. By calling us, we can consult with you and explain your options, answer your questions, and provide you with tranquility. Our auto accident lawyers are prepared to help you. Contact us today by phone, day or night, at 210-222-2288.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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