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How Much Is My Burn Injury Claim Worth in Metairie Louisiana?

If you have suffered from severe burn injuries near Metairie Louisiana, you might be worried that you will never financially recover. Debilitating injuries of any kind can require lengthy and expensive medical care, and burns in particular can necessitate skin grafts, physical therapy, pain treatment, and antibiotics While recovering, and for a time after recovering, you will likely be unable to work and earn wages. In short, you can be left with a pile of bills and few options for covering them.

Fortunately, there are legal options available to you. Metairie Louisiana attorneys at Carabin Shaw can assist you with a personal injury claim that could see your financial stresses, and your noneconomic pain and suffering, addressed through a settlement. To get started, fill out our online contact form and call us at your earliest convenience at 800-862-1260 for a free consultation.

When Can I Sue for a Burn Injury?

To pursue a successful personal injury claim, you will have to demonstrate, with the help of a Metairie personal injury lawyer, that your injuries were the result of another party’s negligence. Some instances in which negligence can lead to serious burns include:

  • Defective appliances: Appliances that include a heating element, such as coffee makers, can sometimes malfunction and burn the user, even if they are being used according to instructions. This represents negligence on the part of a manufacturer, and leaves the company vulnerable to an injury claim.
  • Faulty home wiring: Landlords have an obligation to provide tenants with a safe and comfortable home. Badly-installed wiring, or other safety issues, present serious fire and burn hazards to their tenants. If you have suffered from burns that you believe to be the result of improper safety standards in your rental property, look into burn Injury Attorneys in Metairie to help you with a claim.
  • Burns at work: Accidents on job sites that involve combustible materials and/or heavy machinery are a huge fire and burn risk, and often indicate negligence on the part of business owners and workplace supervisors. If you file a workers’ comp claim after suffering severe burns and it is rejected, a Metairie personal injury lawyer can help you appeal.
What Kinds of Damages Are Available to Burn Victims in Metairie Louisiana?

If you are confident that your injuries are actionable, you will then have to work with an attorney to determine how much to claim in damages. You may be wondering, “How much is my burn injury claim worth?” Damages available for a personal injury claim fall into three categories: economic, noneconomic and punitive (or “exemplary”).

  • Economic damages cover the financial impact of an injury. This primarily includes medical bills, as well as the cost of prescription and physical rehabilitation, but can also cover lost wages during the period of recovery. Economic damages also take into account potential future medical costs related to your burns.
  • Noneconomic damages address the ways in which a severe burn affects your life beyond your bank account. Even after a complete recovery, a serious burn can leave you with chronic pain, lessened mobility, and physical disfigurement. An experienced burn Injury Attorney in Metairie will help you estimate how much you should claim in noneconomic damages. While many states place limits on noneconomic damages, Louisiana does not.
  • Punitive damages are awarded when the circumstances of an injury indicate malice or especially severe negligence, such as assault and battery or drunk driving. These damages are not meant to address your own costs, but to punish the offender.
Free Case Review at Carabin Shaw

If you have any further questions about compensation for serious burn injuries, you can schedule a free case review and consultation with Metairie Louisiana attorneys at Carabin Shaw by calling 800-862-1260. Our lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients like you who are new to the legal system.

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