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How Our Odessa 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers Can Help

Commercial trucks, otherwise known as semi-trucks or 18 wheelers, are crucial to our economy. In fact, these trucks are responsible for moving 71% of all freight in the United States. West Texas cities like Odessa, Texas are at the heart of the Permian Basin oil boom. As a result, they have seen an influx of 18 wheelers on the road. These trucks are usually a good sign, indicative of prosperity. However, they also pose a severe danger to other drivers on the road.

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident with a large truck, the Odessa commercial trucking accident attorneys of Carabin Shaw are here to listen to your story. You are not alone. Our team has decades of experience with cases like these. We are ready to apply our resources on your behalf. Understanding how our Odessa 18 wheeler accident lawyers can help is your first step toward justice and compensation.

What Makes Semi-Trucks so Dangerous?

Odessa 18 wheeler accident lawyers want you to know that lawsuits involving large trucks are different from cases involving only passenger vehicles. All drivers have a responsibility, or duty of care, to uphold laws in the interest of safeguarding other motorists. However, truckers take on this responsibility as a living. In other words, it is their job to be the safest drivers on the road. Still, many commercial motor vehicle operators make especially deadly mistakes. Why?

Lawyers who see these accidents every day know that the sheer size of a semi-truck is the primary reason for this disparity. Standard 18 wheelers weigh up to 80,000 pounds and measure about 72 feet in length. They are typically 13.5 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide. By contrast, the average car in the United States weighs roughly 4,000 pounds. In size, they are nothing compared to a commercial truck. When these vehicles collide, it’s obvious who has the upper hand. If this type of wreck happened to you, Odessa commercial trucking accident attorneys know what to do next.

Are Commercial Trucks a Problem in Odessa, Texas?

While most commercial truckers work safely, 18 wheeler accidents are a huge problem in the Midland-Odessa area in Ector county. Lawyers recognize that driving in Odessa and its surrounding area has become increasingly dangerous, and semi-trucks are only intensifying existing safety concerns. Though only 2% of Texans live in the Permian Basin region, 11% of all 2017 traffic deaths in the state occurred here. Gene Powell, a public information officer with the Texas Department of Transportation, associates this rise in wrecks to the growing number of semi-trucks in the area.

More local data supports this concern. According to a 2019 article in the Odessa American, the Winkler County Sheriff’s Office reported, “Commercial Motor Vehicle crashes in the Odessa District [from 2016 to 2018] were up 160 percent and CMV related fatalities were up 122 percent.” Our accident attorneys serving Odessa, Texas recognize this staggering trend and are ready to support victims and their families as they seek compensation.

What Are the Next Steps Following an Accident?

After a collision with a semi-truck, you should reach out to an attorney. Here’s how our Odessa 18 wheeler accident lawyers can help:

  • Collect and manage evidence, including accident reports, witness statements, insurance information, medical information, and more
  • Establish a clear, accurate narrative of the accident
  • Determine liability
  • Advocate for you with insurance companies

Insurers might try to intimidate you, and they will undoubtedly try to get you to settle your case for less than it’s worth. Accident attorneys serving Odessa, Texas will guarantee that doesn’t happen.

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