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I Was in a Trucking Accident in Las Cruces, What Now?

Large trucks like 18 wheelers crisscross American highways daily, moving goods such as food and furniture across the country. Unfortunately, these vehicles cause more than their fair share of accidents. Operating these large trucks requires specialized training and strict safety regulations. Semi trucks are often associated with major corporations, and dealing with their insurance companies can add to the stress of an accident. If you’ve been in a large truck accident in Las Cruces, here’s what you should know before you talk to those insurance companies and settle for less than you deserve.

Primary Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

Collisions cause the majority of accidents with large trucks, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), a government agency that keeps statistics on large truck and bus accidents. Other incidents, like large truck rollovers, cause the remaining accidents. These accidents often result in injuries to the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle, as well as property damage. If you were in an accident with a semi truck, hiring a Carabin Shaw attorney can protect you and your loved ones in the event of an injury or loss.

What To Do After a Large Truck Accident

You may find yourself thinking, “I was in a trucking accident in Las Cruces, what now? Should I see a doctor? Do I need an attorney?” If you’re in a truck accident in Las Cruces, first you should assess your injuries. Seek medical attention even if you think you are not injured. Some injuries, like whiplash or a concussion, may not be immediately apparent, and waiting to seek medical attention could affect your ability to collect appropriate compensation later.

Next, you or someone you trust can contact a Carabin Shaw lawyer—these New Mexico truck accident attorneys have the expertise to deal with the truck driver’s employer and insurance company and ensure adequate compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Higher Standards for Large Trucks

Because of the size of these vehicles and the damage they can cause, all truckers have extensive training. If you are in an accident with a large truck, a Las Cruces trucking injury attorney will be familiar with the legal requirements and standards for truck drivers, which include limits on consecutive hours of driving and mandated breaks after driving a certain amount of time. It is crucial for drivers to abide by these rules to ensure their safety and yours. A truck wreck lawyer in Las Cruces, New Mexico will investigate many factors that may affect your compensation, including:

  • Brake failure
  • Loading the truck improperly and in violation of safety standards
  • Driver drug or alcohol use
  • Negligent driving, including speeding
  • Excessive hours worked, leading to driver fatigue
Know Your Rights

You are not obligated to discuss anything with the truck driver’s insurance company without a lawyer. The insurance standards for a large truck are higher than for a personal vehicle, and large corporations and insurance companies are often aggressive in their attempts to quickly settle claims. Semi truck accident lawyers in New Mexico can be an invaluable help to you when determining the compensation you deserve and whether the truck driver’s insurance company is treating you fairly. Even if you are confident in your negotiating skills, hiring a Las Cruces truck accident lawyer will give you peace of mind that you have an expert on your side.

If you are in an accident with a large truck, first seek medical attention. Following that, a Las Cruces 18 wheeler injury lawyer with Carabin Shaw will investigate your accident and negotiate on your behalf with aggressive corporations and insurance companies. We want to ensure that you are appropriately compensated.

If a truck accident injured you or totaled your car, call the attorneys at Carabin Shaw toll-free at 800-862-1260 to schedule a free consultation.

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