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Liability for Burn Injury Accidents in Metairie

It’s impossible to get through life without sustaining a burn. We’ve all been there: we’ve handled hot dishes, failed to apply more sunscreen, hopped into a scalding shower, and more. However, these everyday burn injuries are different from severe ones that merit a trip to the doctor. If you live or work in Metairie LA and experienced such a burn, a Louisiana burn accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw can assist you with your injury case.

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The Basics of Liability

Before moving forward with a burn injury claim, Metairie burn victims should have a basic understanding of liability for burn injury accidents. Essentially, liability is about identifying who is responsible for your injuries.

In the most basic sense, establishing fault requires proving four things:

  • An individual or entity had a duty of care to keep you safe
  • This party breached that duty
  • Their failure to keep this duty caused your injuries
  • You have damages and costs associated with these injuries

Proving liability for a burn injury in Metairie LA might include:

  • A reckless driver
  • Defective products
  • Exposure to a chemical substance in a commercial business
  • A poorly managed rental property, which might involve faulty wiring or appliances
  • Restaurant fires
  • Proximity to an explosion

In any instance where someone else caused your burn injury, you should contact a Carabin Shaw Metairie personal injury lawyer. Our legal team will determine whether you have the building blocks needed for a case during your free initial consultation.

Proving Economic Damages

After you sustain a serious burn, you must receive medical care. This measure protects your health, ensures proper healing, and helps burn injury attorneys serving Metairie establish causation and prove economic damages in your case.

To describe the burn severity, doctors categorize these injuries into four different degrees. Generally, the higher the degree, the more severe the burn—and the more compensation you can expect. These burn types are:

First-degree burns: First-degree burns, like sunburns, damage only the top layers of skin. Though these injuries can be painful or irritating, they typically get better with home treatments and do not require medical care.

Second-degree burns: Second-degree burns can result in blotchy skin, swelling, or blisters. If the burns cover more than 10% of your body or are located on the joints, groin, feet, hands, and face, medical care is necessary. A Metairie personal injury lawyer can tell you about your options in second-degree burn cases.

Third-degree burns: Third-degree burns reach the underlying tissue and are more likely to cause scarring and disfigurement. Patients with these burns typically require substantial medical treatments like skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, and physical therapy. They might also need expensive compression suits to flatten scars.

Survivors with third-degree burns might also attend therapy or discussion groups for support to help them process the trauma of the accident and their arduous recovery. Burn injury attorneys serving Metairie will take these costly treatments into account when evaluating your case’s economic damages.

Fourth-degree burns: Fourth-degree burns are the most life-threatening. Survivors usually require amputation in addition to the treatments used for third-degree burns.

In addition to these medical expenses, our attorneys will also look at:

  • Lost wages and benefits, past and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

An expert Louisiana burn accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw will help you correctly value each of these items in your case.

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