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Long-Term Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Oklahoma

Carbon monoxide poisoning happens when carbon monoxide builds up in your bloodstream. Once this buildup reaches a critical point, the carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in your blood cells. This can lead to serious injuries and damages, including death. Oklahoma carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most dangerous forms of injury. As a gas that is without odor or color, detecting it is impossible with human senses alone. If you have suffered from damages caused by carbon monoxide poisoning then the trusted Oklahoma attorneys at Carabin Shaw can help.

At Carabin Shaw, our priority is to protect and fight for your best interests. The aftermath of harmful carbon monoxide exposure can carry with it expensive medical bills, lost work hours, and various forms of long-term injuries. Our attorneys believe that you deserve access to the time and resources necessary to focus fully on your recovery after sustaining such injuries.

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The free case review and initial consultation offered by the expert lawyers at Carabin Shaw provided you with full access to the information you need to decide on what path to take towards financial compensation. Financial struggles should not serve as a barrier to acquiring fair legal support. In addition to our free case review, we employ contingent-fee agreements for the clients that we work with. Access to the expert guidance you need comes cost-free until your case is won.

With over three decades of experience fighting for the rightful compensation of personal injury victims, Carabin Shaw’s carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers in Oklahoma have the experience and resources necessary to support you at every step of the legal process. From gathering evidence and organizing legal paperwork, to communicating with insurance companies and investigating the circumstances of your injury, our commitment to winning your maximum compensation is surpassed by no one.

Long-Term Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is commonly confused for the flu and other more common illnesses, especially in the earlier stages of its symptoms appearing. Common symptoms include:

  • Persistant headaches
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness

Although fever and other physical signs of the flu are not common. The greatest risk that carbon monoxide presents is in long-term exposure. Because the gas is undetectable to humans, exposure can occur for long periods of time before the cause is identified. As the chemical replaces oxygen in your blood, long-term harm can include:

  • Permanent brain damage
  • Injuries to the heart
  • Miscarriage
  • Nerve damage

And, with long enough exposure, death. This means that carbon monoxide poisoning poses serious dangers especially for children, older adults, pregnant people, and individuals with heart diseases. It is also common for entire households to be affected, since the gas is rarely isolated to the location of the leak. If you and your family have suffered due to Oklahoma carbon monoxide poisoning then it is vital that you work with experienced lawyers to obtain your compensation.

Liable Parties

Identifying liability for carbon monoxide is rarely simple. At-fault parties can induce appliance manufacturers, appliance sellers, construction businesses who install such appliances, and others involved in the process of selling and installing such machinery. For individuals who rent homes, the landlord may be at fault if necessary maintenance on a carbon dioxide detection device has not been maintained.

Working alongside attorneys at Carabin Shaw guarantees that any and all liable parties are held accountable for your injuries. For more information about the quality services that our experts provide, visit Carabin Shaw’s client reviews.

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