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Louisiana Trucking Accident Statistics | Injury Attorneys

Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles traffic data to monitor the activity on American roads. This data helps to provide an accurate picture of the dangers of big trucking collisions. In examining the accident statistics for the state of Louisiana, clear patterns come into focus: the number of fatalities caused by a trucking accident in Louisiana have risen significantly over time. (Note: all of the following statistics relate to the year 2018, the most recent NHTSA data available.)

The following is a general guide to the risks of trucking accidents on Louisiana roads. Always consult with a Louisiana 18 wheeler accident attorney to make informed decisions regarding your legal options.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Statistics for Louisiana

According to the NHTSA, the top five Louisiana counties with the highest rate of fatal road accidents in 2018 were:

  1. East Baton Rouge Parish with 66 fatalities
  2. Caddo Parish with 51 fatalities
  3. Orleans Parish with 41 fatalities
  4. Calcasieu Parish with 35 fatalities
  5. Ascension Parish with 32 fatalities

Because many of these counties are urban hubs with highly trafficked roads, there is an increased amount of 18-wheeler traffic. With this increased number of big trucks comes an increase in big trucking accidents.

The NHTSA Louisiana trucking accident statistics clearly show an increase of fatal trucking accidents over time. For example, of the 740 crash fatalities in Louisiana in 2014, accidents involving big trucks comprised 80 of these; compare this data to 2018, where of the 768 total crash fatalities, big trucking accident fatalities numbered 103. Not only did the total number of crash fatalities increase over this period of just four years, but the overall percentage of big trucking fatalities increased significantly.

The counties with the largest big trucking fatalities include East Baton Rouge Parish (9 fatalities), Caddo Parish (8 fatalities), and Ascension Parish (6 fatalities), closely mirroring the above list of overall traffic fatalities.

The heightened danger of 18-wheeler accidents to passenger vehicles becomes clear when you examine the fatalities by driver type. Of the 103 big trucking fatalities in 2018, only two of these were the driver or passenger of a big truck. The other 101 fatalities were passengers or drivers of passenger vehicles or other bystanders.

Unfortunately for the victims of these accidents, receiving financial compensation from trucking insurance companies can be complicated without the help of qualified Louisiana injury attorneys. If you have found yourself the unexpected recipient of serious physical injuries and mounting medical bills due to an 18-wheeler accident, it is important to seek an accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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