Auto Accidents Involving Debris in San Antonio


Debris Damaging Texas Vehicles

(August 5, 2022) A Bexar County driver struck debris on the road last night, August 4, 2022, which led to fatal injuries. How often do accidents involving road debris like this happen in the United States? Who is responsible for damages when road debris is involved? In the following article, we’ll answer these questions and where you can go for help if your car has been damaged or you have been injured by debris on the road.

Did You Know?

Accidents and injuries involving loose debris on the road are most likely to occur on Interstate Highways, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.


An unidentified man was driving through Bexar County on Interstate 37 near Hardy Road last night at around 9:30 p.m. when he struck a mattress in the street. The unexpected impact caused his vehicle to flip and roll into the trees that line the highway. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but was unfortunately too late and pronounced dead at the scene.

How Often Do Accidents Involving Debris Occur?

Road debris is a serious problem for American drivers. In their most recent study, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that motor vehicle accidents involving debris resulted in an estimated 50,658 crashes, contributing to 9,805 injuries and one hundred and twenty-five deaths across three years. Specifically, in Texas, there were 1,600 accidents that resulted in five fatalities because of debris on the road. Nearly two-thirds of the contributing debris were unsecured motor vehicle parts and loose cargo. This means that a significant portion of these accidents was entirely preventable and would not have happened at all if safe securing practices had been used.

Who is Responsible for Damages When Debris is Involved?

There are many kinds of road debris damage that can be more severe than people think, especially at the high speeds of Interstate Highways. Airbag deployment, bent frames, and dented fenders are just a few of the serious damages that can be inflicted on your car by road debris. So, who is responsible?

On Highways and Public Roads:

The State of Texas finds it to be an offense if any vehicle transporting loose material does not properly secure it, causing it to fall onto the road and damage another vehicle. Any loose loads should be covered, front and back. Drivers are also responsible for removing the material from the road. If they do not, and it causes injury or damage, then they have violated their duty of reasonable care. This makes them liable for damages and injuries.

On Private Property

The landowner is responsible for damages to your vehicle on their property if they did not fulfill their legal obligation to keep their roads safe within reason. This means that if the debris was on the road for a significant amount of time and they were aware of it, they may be liable for damages.

If your vehicle has been damaged or you have been injured in an accident involving debris on public or private roads, please contact one of our lawyers today for specific information regarding your circumstances. This post is not meant to substitute for professional legal counsel.

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