Corpus Christi Accident Leaves 6 Dead and 5 Injured


Head-on collisions account for 10% of all traffic fatalities nationwide


Accident Near Corpus Christi Leaves 6 Dead, 5 Hospitalized

A horrific three-vehicle accident Northwest of Corpus Christi leaves six people dead, according to an NBC News report. The police reported that a minivan was trying to overtake another vehicle in a no-passing zone when they crashed head-on into oncoming traffic. The vehicle that they crashed into was then rear-ended by another vehicle, killing six people between all three vehicles, including one juvenile passenger. Five others were taken to the hospital with “non-incapacitating” injuries, according to the police report. This horrific accident occurred on January 3, 2023.

Did You Know?

Rear-end collisions account for nearly 30% of all traffic accidents in the United States and are responsible for 17,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries per year.


Rear-End and Head-On Collisions

This accident was a unique combination of two of the worst kinds of auto accidents – head-on collisions and rear-end collisions.

Rear-End Collisions

These are the most frequent and one of the deadliest types of auto accidents a person can experience. A rear-end collision occurs when a driver is struck by another vehicle from behind. These types of accidents commonly occur during or at congested traffic, traffic lights, and stop signs and are usually the result of distracted driving. If the at-fault driver was traveling at low speeds, then the injuries and damage are usually minor (i.e., fender-bender accidents). However, if, like in the above case, the drivers are traveling at high speeds and come to a sudden stop, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions account for only 2 percent of all traffic accidents – however, their deadly nature is evident in the fact that they also account for 10 percent of all traffic fatalities. This is likely due to the fact that the most common injuries from head-on collisions are spinal cord injuries, broken bones, head trauma, and paralysis. Head-on collisions occur when two drivers traveling in opposite directions collide, as in the above scenario. The most common place these accidents occur is, unsurprisingly, the undivided highway due to passing vehicles, and they mostly occur in rural areas.

Wrongful Death

An unfortunate reality of most of these preventable accidents is that they often end in fatalities for the victims. Whether due to wet or icy conditions, unsafe speeds, or distracted driving, losing a loved one in a rear-end or head-on collision is a devastating event. Unfortunately, insurance companies are well aware of how likely wrongful death is in these types of accidents, and they may try to minimize claims as a result.

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