Culebra is Deadliest Road in San Antonio


Speeding is a huge problem for Culebra

(September 19, 2022) On February 17, 2020, a 19-year-old girl named Jasmine Marie Goudeau was driving home down Culebra Road just after midnight. She was driving through an intersection just one block away from her home when a suspected drunk driver ran a red light, T-boning the vehicle and killing her. On March 5, 2022, two pedestrians were killed on the same night, one of whom was crossing Culebra Road. Deadly accidents on Culebra are not uncommon. In fact, a report by San Antonio Express-News compiled data provided by the Texas Department of Transportation and found that Culebra is the deadliest frontage road in San Antonio. In this article, we’ll look at why this road is so dangerous and what to do if you’ve been in an auto accident on Culebra.

Did you know?
San Antonio’s second deadliest road is South Zarzamora Street which only reports slightly more than half of the fatal accidents on Culebra at 25.

What Makes Culebra So Prone to Fatal Accidents?

Culebra has seen forty-eight fatal crashes since 2012, more than any other frontage road in San Antonio. Additionally, Culebra has already experienced six fatalities in 2022, which is its previous highest record. There are a few reasons why this road is more dangerous than other frontage roads in San Antonio. Culebra road has issues with sun blindness for drivers in the early morning and evening since it runs east to west. Additionally, the frontage road has seven lanes, and even though the speed limits are in the low range of 40-45 mph, speeding is a consistent problem for Culebra Road.

What is Being Done to Make the Road Safer?

Since October 2015, the city of San Antonio has adopted the Vision Zero initiative, which seeks to educate drivers on the preventability of auto accidents in the United States. The stated goal of adopting vision zero is to eliminate traffic fatalities in Texas by the year 2050. Since a majority of the accidents on Culebra occur because of neglecting the posted speed limit and drunk driving, this educational plan should be effective in increasing traffic safety on Culebra. However, San Antonio Express-News reports that many of those living on Culebra would prefer if the city added concrete medians to reduce the number of drivers speeding through turn lanes and to make crossing Culebra easier for pedestrians and vehicles.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been in an Accident on Culebra?

Move your vehicle off the road if you can – It is the law in Texas for minor accidents to be moved off the road. It’s safer for you and the first responders, especially on roads where speeding is a major issue. If you can move your car, find a nearby parking lot to wait for the police.
Secure children, elderly, disabled people, and pets – there have been a few recent accidents where children and pets suffered injury or death due to being left in a hot car by themselves. It’s easy to panic after an auto accident, but make sure you don’t leave anyone alone to avoid further tragedy.

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