Lithium Ion Battery Fire Damages Company Building on the North Side

Close-up showing a person pointing the nozzle of a fire extinguisher at the base of a large fire.

Lithium-ion battery fires are difficult to extinguish.


Company Building Severely Damaged in Lithium-ion Battery Fire

According to a KSAT News report, the LyonsGaurd Fire Protection building was severely damaged in a fire caused by a lithium-ion battery.

Fire officials reported the fire at around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, on the 12000 Block of Colwick Drive. Hazmat was called in to assist, and the flames were extinguished in about 40 minutes. No injuries were reported, but the building sustained serious damage. Fire officials monitored the area for 48 hours to ensure the flames did not reignite, which is a risk for lithium-ion battery fires.

Did You Know?

The Manufacturing Industry has a greater burn rate for men and women than any other industry in the United States.

Protecting Yourself From Burns At Work in San Antonio

Recent studies of medical data estimate that 15% of all reported burn injuries happen at workplaces across the United States. Also, 12% of all reported injuries in restaurants are burn injuries. There are many ways a person can be burned while working in a restaurant, and proper safety procedures must be put in place to protect workers.

This article will cover who’s most at risk and essential tips to protect yourself from severe burns at work in fast food, other restaurants, and pizzerias.

Who’s at Risk for Burns?

A 2011 study highlights those most at risk for burn injuries at work. According to their data:

  • Males of all races are far more likely to be burned than their female counterparts,
  • The average age of burned individuals was roughly 38 years.

Judging by this data, middle-aged and younger men are the most at-risk individuals for burn injuries at work.

How to Protect Yourself From Thermal Burns

Restaurant workers are most at risk for 3 types of burns: thermal, chemical, and electric. Thermal burns are the most common type of burn across all industries. Hot water, grease, and other thermal burns account for 63% of all work-related burns. Fast food and other restaurant workers are constantly exposed to these sources of potentially serious injury.

  • Use Protective Barriers in Good Condition — Most burns in the kitchen can be prevented with proper protective gear like oven mitts and potholders. Make sure they are thick and in good condition, and use them when contacting hot food or surfaces.
  • Watch Out For Steam — Scalds from steam are the leading cause of burn injury in kitchens. Direct steam away from your hands and face with lids, and stand away from heaters when opening them.
  • Use the Appropriate Dish Size for Hot Food — Hot liquids and oils can cause serious thermal burns over wide areas of the body. If you’re going to move a large container of hot liquid, make sure it’s not overfilled, and always ask for help.
  • Communicate Properly With Coworkers — Your kitchen should have phrases to call out when moving hot dishes or food to avoid potentially serious accidents. Make sure you use them. Also, only place hot dishes in designated locations or indicate that they are hot by placing a hot pad on the edge of the dish if no location is available.

Employers have a responsibility to create a safe environment for their workers. Carabin Shaw can help you file a worker’s comp claim if you were seriously burned at work.

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