Man Shoots Dogs Attacking Neighbor on the West Side

Man is attacked by a dog while he was jogging

Severe dog attacks spiked in San Antonio this year.


Dogs Shot by Neighbor While Attacking Man on the West Side

According to a KSAT News report, a man shot two Pitt Bulls attacking another man while he was walking through the West Side neighborhood last week.

Police reported the dogs were loose after once again escaping their yard when the attack happened, something the owners had previously received citations for. A 40-year-old man was walking by the area when a neighbor warned him of the loose dogs. He started to run when the dog attacked him. An armed neighbor came to fight the dog off, but when he was warned of the second dog approaching, he shot both of them. One dog died at the scene. The other was taken to an emergency vet but died overnight. The man who was attacked was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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5 Tips to Protect Yourself From an Aggressive Dog Attack in San Antonio

While the number of dog attacks in San Antonio is lower this year, the severity of the attacks is getting worse. You can’t control what careless neighbors will do, but you can prepare for a dangerous scenario to protect yourself. If you’re in a neighborhood or area with aggressive dogs, follow these tips to prevent a dog attack.

Avoid Eye Contact

It’s better to avoid areas where aggressive or loose dogs are entirely by changing up your regular route. But, if you can’t do that, avoid looking directly into the eyes of an aggressive dog when walking by. Eye contact is seen as a challenge to dogs and may escalate their aggression.

Carry a Spray Bottle

A spray bottle full of water is not harmful to the dog and can be effective in scaring them away. If you see a loose or particularly aggressive dog through a fence, take it out, just in case. You’ll need to act quickly if the dog attacks.

Shout a Firm Command

A majority of recent attacks have been from dogs who have owners, making them more likely to be trained. Stand firm and tall and repeat one command in a loud voice, such as:

  • No
  • Stop
  • Go Home
  • Down
  • Back

Dogs respond to body language as well as verbal cues. Don’t shrink back or run — that will make you seem weak. Stand firm and speak in a clear voice for the best results.

Wear a Whistle

Loud noises like whistles can frighten and bother the dog without hurting them, hopefully prompting them to run home. It is a faster solution than a water bottle and keeps your hands free. It also alerts others to potentially dangerous situations in case you end up needing help.

Protect Your Face

Large dogs will try to bite your face/neck and will likely jump when attacking. Cross your arms over your face with your hands in a fist to protect your face, neck, and fingers. Laying on the ground in a ball with your head under crossed arms is the safest position to protect vital areas of your body in an attack.

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