Motorcyclist Hospitalized With Broken Leg in Hit-and-Run Accident

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Running a stop sign violates a written statute, making it more than simply negligent.


Hit-and-Run Driver Runs Stop Sign, Hospitalizes Motorcyclist

According to a KSAT News report, a motorcyclist is in the hospital after a hit-and-run accident just north of downtown early this morning.

Police reported the incident happened at around 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Howard Street and West Laurel Street. An SUV drove through a stop sign and hit a 24-year-old riding a motorcycle before driving away. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital with a broken leg, and police are searching for the driver. If the driver is found, he will be charged with failure to stop and render aid.

Did You Know?

Running a stop sign causes 70,000 accidents per year.

Running a Stop Sign Accident in San Antonio

Stop signs help control the flow of traffic and the speed of traffic in areas with high levels of pedestrians, like neighborhoods and school zones. But stop signs are home to around 70,000 accidents a year in the United States, and around one-third end in injury to one or more people. Let’s take a look at why these accidents happen and what you can do to keep yourself safe.

Why Accidents at Stop Signs Happen

Stop sign accidents often happen because people are impatient and incorrectly assume no one is coming. However, this isn’t always the case. Some other common causes of stop sign accidents include:

  • Cross-Traffic Confusion — This type of stop sign accident occurs at two-way stops. In this scenario, the driver assumes cross traffic also has a stop sign and pulls in front of oncoming traffic as a result. They follow the law and come to a complete stop but end up causing an accident anyway due to a misconception.
  • Failure to Yield — This type of stop sign accident can happen at both two-way and four-way stops. In this scenario, two drivers pull out into an intersection at the same time. Both drivers refuse to yield and proceed into a side-impact or rear-end collision.

Unfortunately, stop sign accidents can cause serious injuries — they often end in side-impact collisions. These are often more serious than rear-end and frontal collisions because the side of a vehicle offers less protection. Also, side-impact collisions are more likely to seriously injure the passengers.

How to Prevent Stop Sign Accidents

Accidents happen. It’s a fact of life. But drivers have a responsibility to follow all the rules of the road and operate their cars in such a way as to keep everyone safe. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself and other drivers safe at stop signs.

  • Come to a complete stop every time — It may feel pointless if you don’t see anyone coming or if a vehicle behind you is pressuring you to hurry, but it’s the law, and it’s meant to protect your life. Always come to a full stop at a stop sign.
  • Yield to other drivers — Even if you have the right of way, if another driver cuts you off, protect yourself from an accident and yield.

Even if you do everything right, you can still be hurt in a stop sign accident. If you were injured by a negligent driver in a stop sign accident, we can help.

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