Pedestrian Hit by Car After 18-Wheeler Obstructs View

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18-wheelers can be very difficult to maneuver in big cities like San Antonio.


Pedestrian Hospitalized by Car Attempting to Navigate Around 18-Wheeler

According to a KENS5 News report, a woman was injured after being hit by a car trying to navigate around an 18-wheeler this morning.

Police reported the incident occurred on Fredricksburg and Warzbach near Medical Center at around 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. The pedestrian was crossing the street when a driver struck and injured her. The driver was apparently driving around the big rig and couldn’t see her. She was hospitalized with a broken leg. No charges against the driver were reported.

Did You Know?

Pedestrians account for 15% of fatalities involving large trucks.

18-Wheeler Accidents and Pedestrians in San Antonio

18-wheeler pedestrian accidents don’t happen very often, but they have a catastrophic impact when they do. Even though only 6% of the hundreds of thousands of 18-wheeler accidents a year are pedestrian accidents, 15% of pedestrian fatalities are because of big rigs. Texas leads the nation in 18-wheeler fatalities, and San Antonio is on a frequently traveled route big rigs take to deliver goods across the nation.

Let’s take a look at why these accidents happen and how to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian around semi trucks in San Antonio.

Why Do 18-Wheelers Hit Pedestrians in San Antonio?

18-wheelers provide an invaluable service — they deliver much-needed goods and services across the country and fuel the economy as a result. Drivers of big rigs go through rigorous training and are often extremely careful and responsible operators. But, this is not always the case, and pedestrians in San Antonio can suffer as a result.

The most common causes of semi-truck accidents in San Antonio are as follows:

  • Distracted Drivers — It doesn’t take a long look at a phone to distract a driver long enough to cause a serious pedestrian accident. Glancing down to check directions or look at a text can cause a driver to miss a pedestrian crossing at a crosswalk. One of the most common places for pedestrian 18-wheeler accidents to occur is at a crosswalk.
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance — Failing brakes cause almost one in three of all truck accidents involving another vehicle or person. Truckers who work independently can put off vehicle maintenance due to the expense it will cause, increasing the risk of brake failure and other problems.
  • Speeding — Driving too fast for conditions is a top contributor to all pedestrian accidents but is especially dangerous for large trucks. Truck drivers are often subjected to immense pressure to meet deadlines, which can cause them to drive over the speed limit. There is extra motivation to speed to “makeup time” when heavy construction slows traffic, which is a current problem in many areas of downtown San Antonio.

18-wheeler drivers owe a duty of care to watch out for and yield to pedestrians despite any pressure they may be feeling. If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident in San Antonio, you need an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney on your side.

Hire Carabin Shaw 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

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