Northeast Side Accident Shuts Down I-35 Northbound Near Pat Booker Road

Traffic travelling on the I-35 through San Antonio at sunset

Why is I-35 such a dangerous road to travel on?


Accident on I-35 Northbound Shuts Down All Lanes

According to a KSAT News report, all the lanes of I-35 Northbound that were shut down after an accident have reopened.

The TxDOT has still not released any information on the accident at the time of this blog. Traffic reports from multiple news sources and people traveling that route said traffic was backed up all the down to the Thousand Oaks area. The crash was reported just before 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Did You Know?

There were over 20,000 traffic crashes on I-35 in 2018.

I-35: One of the Most Dangerous Roads in the Country

You risk getting into an accident every time you get into a car — but some roads are more dangerous than others.

One of the most frequently traveled roads in San Antonio ranks as the fifth deadliest in the nation. And, if you’ve ever driven on it, you probably hate it. But what is that makes I-35 so dangerous to drive on? Let’s take a look.

Why I-35 Is So Dangerous for San Antonio Drivers

I-35 is a heavily traveled Interstate and runs through San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, three of the most populated cities in the United States. In San Antonio specifically, I-35 is the route to take to get heavily frequented sites, such as:

  • Fort Sam Houston
  • The AT&T Center
  • Popular Shopping Centers
  • Randolf Airforce Base
  • Splashtown Water Park
  • Santa’s Ranch

In addition to heavy passenger-vehicle traffic, I-35 facilitates most of the 18-wheeler transportation across the State. I-35 is the fastest route to take to get to the Dallas Metro Area, which transportation companies across Texas use to deliver goods and services across the country.

Drunk Driving on I-35

San Antonio recently ranked as the 4th worst city in the entire United States for drunk driving. The city’s lax attitude toward drunk driving and the tendency for drivers to speed are commonly cited as the top contributing reasons for this troubling statistic.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching, and these times are the worst for drunk drivers. They also increase traffic on I-35 as people travel to visit with family and friends and see seasonal holiday attractions. San Antonio sees 5,731 DUI arrests annually, significantly higher than the national average.

How to Stay Safe on I-35

Not everyone can avoid traveling on I-35. Tens of thousands of people commute to work and other locations across San Antonio. Here’s some safe driving tips from the TxDOT’s I-35 Safety Campaign:

  • Don’t Speed — Following the speed limit might still be too fast for roadway conditions. If it’s rainy, foggy, or icy on I-35, drive at reduced speeds.
  • Put Your Phone Away — Distracted drivers can’t react to dangerous traffic conditions in time. Stay alert and put your phone and other distractions away.
  • Wear Your Seatbelt — 50% of people who died in auto accidents in 2021 weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Buckle up every ride, every time.
  • Don’t Drive Drunk — There is no excuse for drunk driving, thanks to the number of alternatives made available to San Antonio drivers. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive.

Injured in an Accident on I-35?

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