23 People Injured After SUV Crashes Into Houston-Area Denny’s

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What do you do if you hit a building with your car?


SUV Plows Into Houston-Area Denny’s, Injures 23

According to an ABC News report, almost two dozen people were seriously injured after an SUV crashed into the side of a Denny’s on Monday.

Police reported the incident occurred at 11:22 a.m. when many people called 911 to report an SUV had crashed into the side of a Denny’s. 23 people suffered serious injuries, with one daughter of an injured couple reporting that her mother may have suffered a broken leg from a fallen beam. The driver was not injured and was not arrested. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Did You Know?

An average of 1 vehicle a day crashes into a 7-Eleven in the United States.

What You Need to Know About Car-Into-Building Crashes in Houston

You may be surprised to learn that car-into-building crashes happen a lot in the United States. The most recent estimates of nationwide data found:

  • 100 car-into-building crashes happen every day,
  • 16,000 people are injured in these crashes every year,
  • Roughly 2,600 people are killed in car-into-building crashes every year.

The most commonly cited reason for these crashes is pedal error — drivers mistakenly hitting the gas instead of hitting the brakes when attempting to park. This accounts for 40% of car-into-building crashes every year.

5 Critical Steps to Take If You Hit A Building With Your Car

If you practice safe driving habits, you’ll probably never crash your car into a building. But, accidents happen — sometimes these accidents are caused by another driver or car defect (i.e., blown tire, aggressive driver running a car off the road). So, here’s what to do if you crash your car into a building in Texas:

  1. Check for Injuries — Check yourself, your passengers, and people inside or around the building for injuries if you can.
  2. Call 9-1-1 — Once you’ve checked on injuries, call the police and EMS to the scene. You have to report any accidents resulting in property damage or injury in Texas.
  3. Document the Scene — Take thorough pictures of the scene, including damage to your vehicle. Most convenience stores and restaurants have security cameras. Make a note of any that may have captured the accident.
  4. Notify Your Insurance — Notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as you are able to do so. You usually have very limited time to report an accident, and it is in your best interest to do so within 24 hours of the accident.
  5. Talk to an Attorney — You may not be the only party at fault for a car-into-building accident. Talk to an experienced auto accident attorney in Houston to ensure that all responsible parties are accounted for if you hit a building with your car.

Texas applies the comparative fault rule when more than one party contributes to an accident. If another driver ran you off the road, if construction crews left debris behind, or if defective brakes were installed in your vehicle, those parties may bear fault for your accident. Talk to an attorney at Carabin Shaw to find out.

Hire Carabin Shaw Auto Accident Attorneys in Houston

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