Parents Warned After Infant Dies Due to a Weighted Product

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Are weighted blankets safe? Doctors say no, manufacturers say yes. 


Pediatricians Warn Parents Against Weighted Products for Infants

According to a KSAT News report, the U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) reported an infant death associated with weighted products marketed as safe, prompting AAP doctors to warn parents to stop use.

According to the report, AAP doctors have concerns about the safety of weighted infant products despite manufacturers touting their safety. A U.S. CPSC spokesperson reported at least one death from a weighted product designed for infants, but no further details were given. Pediatricians warn that infants are very susceptible to suffocation when weight is placed on their chest for extended periods of time and urge parents not to use the products for this reason, as well as the risk of the infant becoming trapped underneath the blanket.

Did You Know?

2 children suffocated in a weighted blanket for toddlers sold by Target that was recalled last year.

Are Weighted Infant/Toddler Products Safe for San Antonio Children?

San Antonio parents deserve safe products for their children. Manufacturers and pediatricians disagree about the safety of weighted products for infants, with both sides claiming a lack of scientific evidence from the other.

This article will briefly explain why manufacturers claim their products are proven to be safe, why pediatricians disagree, and what to do if your child is injured by a baby product in San Antonio.

Why Manufacturers Say Weighted Products Are Safe for Infants

Manufacturer Dreamland Baby points to a clinical trial to show that their products are safe for infants to use. In the trial, infants wore weighted swaddles for 30 minutes in a supervised setting with no negative side effects. Additionally, Nested Bean, another manufacturer, commissioned a study that showed the weight of their products caused no issues with extended use.

Both the Dreamland Baby and the Nested Bean follow the same blanket-to-user ratio of no more than 10% of the infant’s body weight, the same ratio used for adult-weighted blankets.

Additionally, a press representative from Dreamland Baby reported that since beginning sales in 2019, the company has received no reports of injury, further supporting the safety of the product.

Why Pediatricians Disagree

Pediatricians are not convinced by these studies. In a letter from the AAP, doctors pointed out that the studies conducted involved infants under constant supervision for short amounts of time. There is no data for extended, unsupervised use.

Additionally, the lack of reported injuries is not proof of safety, according to the AAP. Their letter showed similarities to the Fischer Price Rock n’ Play, which sold millions of products before over 100 deaths were discovered, and the product was later banned.

The letter also pointed out that the product could disturb the infant’s natural ability to wake from an unsafe sleeping position, increasing the risk of SIDS. While parents may desire infants to sleep 12 hours, it is natural and healthy for infants to wake many times in the night.

Did an Unsafe Baby Product Injure Your Child? Call Carabin Shaw

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