Pickup Truck Driver Flees After Hitting Woman in H-E-B Parking Lot

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There are many ways a person can be injured while grocery shopping.


Woman Hospitalized in Hit-and-Run Accident in H-E-B Parking Lot

According to a KSAT News report, a woman was seriously injured after being hit by a pickup in an H-E-B parking lot last week.

Police reported the accident happened at around 7:15 p.m. Friday, May 3rd, in an H-E-B parking lot on the 1500 block of U.S. Highway 281. The woman, 46 years old, was reportedly walking along the sidewalk when she was struck by a pickup truck. The driver sped off and left the woman without rendering aid. She was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries but was in stable condition. When caught the driver will be charged with failure to stop and render aid – serious bodily injury.

Did You Know?

Roughly 60,000 people are injured in parking lot accidents per year.

3 Common Grocery Store Injuries and What to Do About It in San Antonio

In a recent post, we talked about common accidents people encounter in grocery store parking lots. But the danger doesn’t stop once you enter the store.

There are many ways you can get injured in a grocery store, but some injuries happen more frequently than others. Prepare ahead so that you know what to expect if you’re hurt in a grocery store accident.

#1: Slip and Fall Accidents

By far, the most common way people are hurt in grocery stores is in slip and fall accidents. These can be caused by:

  • Spilled Liquids,
  • Lack of Wet Floor Signs,
  • and Tracked in Water During Rainy Weather.

Grocery stores are responsible to take proper action to clean spills and notify guests of dangerous conditions. The elderly and people with disabilities are more vulnerable to severe injury from these kinds of accidents, but anyone can be seriously hurt by an unexpected fall.

#2: Heavy Equipment Injuries

Grocery stores must frequently restock shelves, which often involves some form of heavy equipment. Injuries from heavy equipment in grocery stores can happen because of:

  • Reckless Operation by Employees,
  • Equipment Failure,
  • or Lack of Proper Procedures.

Grocery stores or equipment manufacturers may be liable for these kinds of accidents.

#3: Shopping Cart Injuries

Grocery stores may not be responsible for shopping cart damage in parking lots, but once you enter the store, it’s a different story. Shopping cart injuries are commonly caused by:

  • Broken/Defective Shopping Carts,
  • Wet Floors,
  • and Debris.

Children are especially vulnerable to shopping cart injuries, such as falling out of the cart or becoming trapped if it turns over. Nearly 78% of shopping cart injuries are to the head and neck.

Injured in a Grocery Store Accident? Here’s What to Do Next ⇓

If you or your child is seriously injured in a grocery store accident, follow these steps:

  • Call 9-1-1
  • Ensure the Manager is Informed,
  • Take Photos of the Scene and any Visible Injuries,
  • Get Witness Names and Phone Numbers,
  • Seek Medical Attention,
  • Call Carabin Shaw.

Premises liability laws demand that grocery stores ensure their grounds are safe and free from hazards for their guests. If they fail to do this and you are injured, you may be entitled to significant compensation for:

  • Ambulance Costs/ER Visits,
  • Surgeries,
  • Disfigurement,
  • TBI/Spinal Cord Injury,
  • Wrongful Death,
  • and More.

We can help you find out if your case qualifies for free.

Carabin Shaw has represented those injured in grocery stores across Texas for over 30 years. We’re a trusted name in San Antonio because we put our clients first. Call our personal injury attorneys at 800-862-1260 or use the live chat to schedule your free case evaluation today. We look forward to serving you.

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