Seguin Officer Arrested for Driving Intoxicated

One man, sitting at the bar counter alone, he has drinking problems.

Drunk driving spikes during the winter holidays. Learn how to protect yourself.


Seguin Officer Placed on Leave After Driving Intoxicated

According to a KSAT News report, an officer was arrested in Seguin after driving drunk two days ago.

The officer, Jose Ricardo Zapata, was arrested at 11:43 p.m. on November 13, 2023. He is charged with driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of over .15, with the legal limit being 0.08% BAC. He was reportedly placed on administrative lead while the investigation is ongoing. The Chief of the Seguin Police Department said that they are taking the matter very seriously and will be fully cooperating with the investigation.

Did You Know?

Drunk-driving fatalities spike 117% on New Year’s Day.

How to Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers in San Antonio

Texas has a Texas-sized problem with drunk driving. Specifically in San Antonio, drunk driving rates and accidents are much higher than in most U.S. cities. Of course, you can do your part by never driving drunk, but what about all the drunk drivers sharing the road with you?

Especially during the holidays, drunk driving goes way up, and the likelihood that you’ll be sharing the road with an intoxicated driver increases dramatically. Never driving after dark isn’t an option for many people, especially during the winter when dark means 5:30 p.m. So what do you do?

Let’s take a look at how you can protect yourself from drunk drivers this holiday season in San Antonio.

#1. Buckle Up

Your most crucial defense against all serious accidents is wearing your seatbelt. You’ve heard “seatbelts save lives” before, and it’s true. Comparisons between injuries and fatality rates for those who buckle and those who don’t prove that.

  • Minor Injury Rates — Unrestrained drivers were injured at a rate of 15.3%, while buckled drivers were injured at a rate of 6.3%
  • Major Injury Rates — Unrestrained drivers were seriously injured at a rate of 9.5%, while restrained drivers were seriously injured at a rate of 0.9%
  • Fatality Rates — Unrestrained drivers died at a rate of 3.3%, while restrained drivers died at a rate of 0.1%

There’s not much you can do about encountering drunk drivers, but you can protect yourself from more serious injuries by wearing your seatbelt every time you ride.

#2. Drive Defensively

Defensive driving is the second most important action you can take when you encounter a drunk driver.

  • Leave Extra Following Distance — Give yourself at least 5 seconds between you and the intoxicated driver so that you have plenty of time to react to erratic movements.
  • Stay Alert — Drunk drivers tend to drive the wrong way and make sudden, dangerous movements.
  • Never Assume — Don’t assume the driver will do the logical thing or turn just because they’re signaling.

#3. Use Extra Caution at Intersections

Drunk drivers are more likely to ignore traffic signals and stop signs and make wrong turns. Even if you have the right of way, look twice before entering an intersection and yield to drivers exhibiting erratic behavior.

You can’t always avoid an encounter with a drunk driver. Odds are, you’ll encounter one or two this holiday season. But following these tips can keep you and your family safer from a serious accident.

Hit by a Drunk Driver in San Antonio? Call Carabin Shaw

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