Suspected Stolen Vehicle Crashes Into Northwest Side Home, Traps Residents

Thieves use shackles to break into stolen cars. car thefts on the rise

Car thefts are on the rise in San Antonio.


Car Crashes Into Home, Destroys Staircase, and Traps Residents

According to a KSAT News report, a suspected stolen vehicle plowed into a Northwest Side home early this morning, trapping the residents inside.

Police reported the incident occurred at around 3:50 a.m. on October 18, on the 13400 block of Baldwin Ridge Street near West Hausman and I-10. A man reportedly crashed the vehicle into the front window of the home, destroying the staircase leading to the second floor. Residents were not injured and evacuated from a second-story window. Police say the driver may face criminal charges when captured as they believe the vehicle was possibly stolen.

Did You Know?

San Antonio saw a 62% increase in vehicle thefts in 2023 from 2022.

What You Need to Know About Stolen Vehicle Accidents in San Antonio

No one wants to walk out of work to find that their car is missing from the parking lot. Unfortunately, more and more people across San Antonio are experiencing this, and similar scenarios as vehicle thefts skyrocket across the city.

Common questions about vehicle theft in San Antonio are whether or not you are liable for an auto accident if someone steals and crashes your car and if you can be compensated for damages to your stolen vehicle if it is recovered.

Am I Liable For An Accident If My Vehicle Was Stolen?

Generally speaking, you are not responsible if someone crashes and injures someone in your stolen vehicle. Common law recognizes that the vehicle was taken and operated without your consent and that you were not involved in the accident.

One exception to this rule is the “permissive use doctrine.” This doctrine states that if a person loans a vehicle or generally allows a person to operate a vehicle, then it is being used with consent. In this case, the owner would be responsible for damages and injuries in an accident involving their vehicle, even if they weren’t driving it.

Example: Your teenager is allowed to use your family vehicle with your permission but takes that vehicle without asking and gets into an accident. In this case, your teenager had implied permission to use the vehicle, and you would, therefore, be responsible for the accident.

Insurance For a Damaged Stolen Vehicle

If your stolen vehicle is recovered, it will likely be damaged. To file a claim for that damage, you would need to have a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages to a vehicle that happen outside of an accident, so theft is covered. Damage from theft is not covered under collision or liability insurance.

Lenders often require this type of coverage, but if you own your car outright, it is optional. Because of the prevalence of auto theft in San Antonio, it’s a good idea to include comprehensive coverage in your insurance policy.

My Insurance Doesn’t Want to Pay For My Stolen Car — What Do I Do?

Insurance companies generally don’t like to pay out claims, and theft just complicates matters further. If your insurance is fighting your claim, hire our auto accident attorneys to represent you. We are used to the tactics used by insurance companies, and we know what to do to protect your rights after auto theft in San Antonio. Why fight alone?

Hire Carabin Shaw Auto Accident Attorneys

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