Three-Vehicle Crash Involving Big Rig Leaves One Hospitalized, Driver On the Run

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Big rigs are increasingly common as construction continues across San Antonio.


Driver Hits Big Rig and Flees the Scene, Causing One Man to be Hospitalized

According to a KSAT News report, a man was hospitalized after another driver hit a big rig and fled the scene early Thursday morning on San Antonio’s Northwest Side.

Police reported that an unidentified driver of a Toyota Camry was exiting the I-10 West access road when they crashed into an 18-wheeler. The driver then exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Another driver later crashed into the Camry and was taken to the hospital. Police are searching for the driver who caused the accident, who will be charged with failure to stop and give information when found.

Did You Know?

Texas Transportation Code Section 550.023. stipulates that a person must stop and give information after an accident that involves injury or damage to an attended vehicle.

What Information Do I Have to Give After a Car Accident in San Antonio?

Most people exchange information after a car accident in San Antonio. It’s a wise thing to do — the more information gathered about an accident can greatly help a personal injury claim (if it comes to that). In most cases, the law requires you to share information after an accident. In this post, we’ll cover what information is legally required to share after an accident in San Antonio and what you don’t have to share.

Legally Required Information — What You Have to Share

You have to share the following information after an auto accident involving damage to a vehicle or injury or death to a person:

  1. Names
  2. Addresses
  3. Insurance Company Provider Names
  4. License Number and Vehicle Registration

If anyone was injured in the accident, or if the vehicles cannot be moved, you must call the police. Additionally, you are legally required to provide reasonable help to an injured person in addition to sharing the required information.

Sharing Information for an Unattended Vehicle

If you hit a car in a parking lot, you still have to share the above information. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Locating the driver and sharing in person.
  2. Leaving a note if the driver can’t be located.

If you can’t find the driver and leave a note on the vehicle, the note must also contain a brief explanation of the circumstances of the accident, as well as how to contact you.

What You Don’t Have to Share

Oftentimes, the other driver’s insurance company will attempt to get information from you after an accident. This is a typical tactic employed to get you to admit fault so that the insurance doesn’t have to pay. You do not have to talk to the insurance company, nor should you. A Carabin Shaw attorney can handle the insurance company for you after a serious accident in San Antonio to make sure you aren’t cheated out of compensation legally owed to you.

Injured in an Auto Accident in San Antonio? Hire Carabin Shaw

People who hire attorney representation after an accident walk away with 3.5x as much on average as those who represent themselves. If you were seriously hurt or lost a loved one in an accident in San Antonio, Carabin Shaw can help. Call our team today at 800-862-1260 to experience a superior level of service. We look forward to serving you.

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