Tips for Safe Driving in Inclement Weather


San Antonio forecast expects rain all week

(August 15, 2022) One unidentified person is dead after veering off of highway 90 and crashing into a pole, and an amazon truck hydroplanes off 1-35, spilling cargo and damaging a building this week, according to San Antonio Express-News. Driving in the rain comes with some unique challenges and increases the risk of accidents. Especially in the beautiful hill country of San Antonio, there are lots of areas that are prone to dangerous flooding on the roads. The forecast for San Antonio this week suggests that this much-needed rain is not going away any time soon, so let’s take a look at some tips for driving safely on wet roads.


Did you know?

Inclement weather conditions lead to 5,700 deaths and 544,700 injuries every year in the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration.


When it first begins to rain, oils on the roads from traffic are lifted from the surface and mingle with the water, causing the roads to become extremely slick. If at all possible, it is better not to drive in the rain at all but to wait for the weather to clear up before going out. However, busy students and parents are headed back to school across San Antonio, and avoiding driving in the rain may not be possible for them. If you do have to drive in the rain, there are several practices that make it much safer for you – and everyone else you share the road with.

Check your wipers and your headlights – It’s been a while since San Antonio has seen rainfall, and it can be easy for hard-working people to forget to refill the wiper fluid or check that their headlights are properly functioning. However, dirty or damaged headlights, worn-out tire treads, and old and brittle wipers can lead to limited visibility and reduced ability to stop.

Make a plan before you leave your driveway – Travelling in extreme weather conditions takes longer due to reduced speeds and can be more stressful due to reduced visibility. Make sure you give yourself extra time to reach your destination and take time to find alternate routes in case your main route is flooded out.

Slow down and leave extra following distance – You cannot stop as quickly when driving in the rain, so make sure you give yourself extra room up front and drive more slowly in case of unexpected traffic. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends a reduced speed by one-third of the speed limit as a safe speed for inclement weather conditions.


For additional tips and information, please visit this Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation fact sheet.


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