A Family Including Unborn Baby Dead in Horrific Auto Accident


Two cars burst into flames following the accident

(August 9, 2022) Asherey Ryan, 23, and five others, including her unborn child and eleven-month-old son, were killed in a horrific accident caused by a Texas nurse in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, August 4, 2022. The nurse’s attorney claims she had suffered from severe mental health issues in the past. Authorities have not determined whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

Did you know?
California, like Texas, is an at-fault State and requires a minimum of 15,000 USD per person, 30,000 USD in bodily liability insurance, and 5,000 USD in property damage insurance.


How Did this Accident Happen?

Nicole Lorraine Linton is a traveling nurse from Houston, Texas. She was traveling to improve her skills as an intensive care unit nurse, according to her LinkedIn profile. For reasons unknown, her Mercedes was recorded by a nearby gas station as it hurtled through a red light at 90 mph, crashing into several vehicles of oncoming traffic, as reported by KSAT12. The force of the impact caused two of the vehicles to erupt into flames, and some other vehicles were torn in half. It was also reported that several people were flung from their vehicles. A highway patrol officer told the Associated Press that the accident was “one of the most horrific crashes that we’ve seen.”
Among the deceased were the eight months pregnant Asherey Ryan, her eleven-month-old son Alonzo Quintero, and her boyfriend Reynold Lester, who were on their way to a prenatal checkup when the accident occurred. Two other adults who have not been identified were also killed. Additionally, eight people, including Linton, were taken to the hospital for minor to severe injuries, including six children ranging from thirteen months to fifteen years.

What Were the Legal Implications of This Accident?

Nicole Lorraine Linton, thirty-three, has been charged with six counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and one count of murder for Ryan’s unborn child. In her initial court appearance, she did not enter a plea, and she was ordered to be held without bail pending a bail hearing next week.

What’s the Difference Between Murder and Vehicular Manslaughter?

Manslaughter charges are different from murder charges in that they lack the intent to kill or premeditation. In order for there to be a murder charge, malicious intent must be present. Murder charges can range in severity, which are referred to as “degrees of murder.” Additionally, Manslaughter charges are separated into categories of voluntary and involuntary. An example of vehicular manslaughter is when a drunk driver accidentally kills someone in an auto accident, which is categorized as involuntary manslaughter. They did not set out with the intent to kill, but they still recklessly ended a life and faced extreme consequences for it, as in the above case. If Linton’s charges stick, she faces ninety years behind bars for her actions.

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