Wintry Texas Conditions Leave More than Six Dead in a 100-Vehicle Crash Texas is such a large state, some areas receive more wintry conditions than others during the winter months. As a result, many drivers do not know how to drive on icy or slippery roads, which can result in devastating Texas car accidents. To stay safe this winter season, it is crucial that you drive with care if you must travel, and to limit travel as much as possible when temperatures are particularly low and the weather is icy.

According to a local news report, six people were killed in a major car accident that involved more than 100 vehicles after a rush of winter weather that swept across Texas. Following the accident, multiple people were trapped in their vehicles, and more than 36 people were taken to local hospitals for further treatment and several were in critical condition at the scene. Videos and photos from other news outlets showed a massive crash involving multiple cars, eighteen-wheeler trucks, tractor-trailers, and local firefighters responding to the scene. Vehicles were piled on top of each other, rolled on their sides, or spun out along the sides of the road. Due to significant amounts of winter weather rolling across the state, local authorities are asking drivers to proceed with caution, especially since the roads are especially slick and icy.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT), several easy driving tips can ensure a safer, smoother, less stressful trip when traveling in unpredictable winter weather.

First, the DOT recommends slowing down. Although it may seem simple, it’s good to keep in mind that speed limits were designed for normal road and weather conditions, rather than slippery or icy winter conditions. Allocating extra time to allow for slower driving can help save you the stress of potentially arriving late to your destination if you have to travel.

Second, maintaining at least three times the regular following distance could save your life. Because slippery road conditions could mean that you may continue to slide along the road even after you hit the brakes, the extra space could give you room to avoid cars in front of you or to pull over. If you are driving too quickly and your brakes fail to keep you from sliding across the ice, the momentum could result in a much deadlier crash than if you had enough space to move out of the way or slow down before impact.

Lastly, if your car begins to slide along the road, easing off the brakes and gas pedal and steering in the direction of the skid until you gain traction can help bring you back to safety. Once traction is back, you can straighten your vehicle and continue traveling. This, in conjunction with maintaining enough space between yourself and the vehicles ahead of you and slowing down, could allow you to adjust for slippery conditions and avoid a major accident.

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