Woman Killed in Single-Vehicle Rollover Accident on I-35

"Broken asphalt pavement resulting in a pothole, dangerous to motorists.

Why do most rollover accidents only involve one car?


Woman Ejected in Single-Vehicle Rollover on I-35

According to a KSAT News report, a woman is dead following a single-vehicle rollover accident this morning.

Police responded to the crash just before 5 a.m. on Friday, October 27th. The woman was reportedly ejected from her vehicle after rolling it over into a grassy median on I-35 on the Southwest Side. She was pronounced dead at the scene, and the Interstate was temporarily closed as police investigated the incident.

Did You Know?

Rollover accidents account for 20% of motor vehicle fatalities.

Why Most Rollover Accidents Involve Only One Vehicle and How to Protect Yourself

Rollover accidents are violent and terrifying most of the time. And, while they don’t happen all that often, they are almost always deadly or result in life-altering injuries.

Interestingly, while these accidents can involve other vehicles, they are very often single-vehicle accidents. Let’s look at why that is and how you can protect yourself from a rollover accident in San Antonio.

Characteristics of Single-Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents have common characteristics that point to why a large majority of them involve only one vehicle.

  • Time of Day — Most fatal auto accidents happen in the evening hours, though the fall/winter months see increased fatalities earlier than the spring/summer months because visibility decreases faster in the fall/winter months.
  • Drowsy/Impaired Driving — Many single-vehicle accidents involve a driver impaired by alcohol or sleep deprivation, which has similar effects to drunk driving.
  • No Crash Avoidance — 40% of single-vehicle rollovers have no evidence of crash avoidance maneuvers before the impact, suggesting slow reaction times and sudden impact.
  • Tripped Rollovers — A majority of single-vehicle rollovers are “tripped,” which means that a curb, pothole, or shoulder caused the vehicle to tip.
  • Speeding — Most single-vehicle rollover accidents occur on rural roads with no divider and speed limits of 55 mph or greater, where drivers are more likely to speed. 40% of single-vehicle rollovers involve excessive speeding.

Most of these accidents happen when it’s dark, and drivers are tired, speeding, and not paying attention to road conditions (i.e. potholes, debris, rain, or ice). It’s easy to see why — drifting slightly into the shoulder or hitting a pothole when driving at 55 mph or faster can quickly send your vehicle spiraling if you’re not careful.

Protect Yourself

Fortunately, barring sudden vehicle malfunction, it’s a simple process to protect yourself from a single-vehicle rollover accident in San Antonio.

  • Stay Alert — Don’t drive drunk or when you’re excessively tired. Get a ride, or pull over and take a 20-minute nap.
  • Wear a Seatbelt — Nearly 75% of people killed in rollover accidents were not wearing their seatbelt. Only 4% of people wearing their seatbelts were ejected from the vehicle.
  • Drive at Speeds Safe for Road Conditions — Especially if you’re on rural roads, driving the speed limit may be too fast for road conditions. If it’s wet or ice, or if visibility is extremely low, slow down to safer speeds.

If dilapidated road conditions or construction debris caused your single-vehicle rollover accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our auto accident attorneys in San Antonio to find out.

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