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Next Steps After a Burn Injury at Work in Abilene Texas

If you or a loved one have been injured in a burn accident at your Abilene Texas workplace, you are not alone. Many of Abilene’s workers are employed in manufacturing, energy, and food service — all potential sources of workplace thermal, chemical, or electrical burn injuries. While employers are required to abide by OSHA regulations to provide safe workplaces for their employees, a small act of negligence can have deadly consequences.

Workplace burn victims and their families may be unaware of their rights. If you are looking for assistance after a severe workplace burn injury, a work injury attorney in Abilene can help you explore your options. Before taking legal action, contact the Texas burn injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw to learn more about your burn injury claim.

What Should You do After Suffering a Burn Injury at Work in Abilene Texas?

1. Seek immediate medical assistance

Severe burns should be treated immediately by a medical professional. Untreated, severe burns may develop severe infections, hypertrophic scarring, or fatality. If you are unable to get to a hospital, call 911 to receive emergency care.

2. Notify your manager and/or employer

It is important to notify your manager or employer of any workplace accidents. A severe burn may necessitate a long absence from work and a worker’s compensation or personal injury settlement, so it is important that your employers are aware of your injuries.

3. Document any losses

From the beginning of your treatment for your burn injuries, you should maintain careful records of any losses you have suffered as a result of your workplace burn injury. These losses may include medical bills, lost wages, lost benefits, or more abstract losses like pain and suffering.

4. Gather any information regarding the circumstances of your burn injury

Security camera footage, computer logs, or witness accounts can all be instrumental in establishing liability in your burn injury lawsuit. Any evidence you can provide your personal injury attorney will help them to construct the most effective burn injury claim possible.

5. Notify colleagues

If you were burned as a result of dangerous working conditions, it is likely that your coworkers are also at risk. Additionally, there may be a pattern of similar injuries among your coworkers that can help solidify liability in your workplace burn injury claim.

6. Contact an experienced work injury attorney in Abilene

The right Abilene burn injury lawyer will make all the difference in the success of your burn injury lawsuit. Look for lawyers with specialty practice areas in personal injury law and experience working with victims of workplace accidents.

7. File a workplace burn injury lawsuit

With the assistance of your attorney, you will file a workplace burn injury lawsuit against your employer or any other liable party. It is important to note that you are ineligible to file for damages against your employer if you have accepted any worker’s compensation for your injuries.

8. Receive a financial settlement that covers the cost of your damages

Workplace burn victims in Abilene deserve justice for their injuries. Whatever the extent of your physical, financial, or emotional losses in the aftermath of a severe workplace burn injury, you deserve a financial settlement that covers the full cost of your damages.

Contact the Texas Burn Injury Attorneys at Carabin Shaw

The team of Abilene burn injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw are dedicated to protecting the rights of workers in Abilene Texas. With decades of experience serving victims of workplace burn accidents, our work injury attorneys have the knowledge necessary to fight to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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