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Next Steps for Hurricane Victims in Sinton

30 miles north of the coastal town of Corpus Christi lies Sinton, Texas. Although slightly smaller than Corpus Christi, its inland position placed it in directly in Hurricane Harvey’s path last August. When Harvey finally did make landfall, the storm hit Sinton with brute force. In fact, certain areas of Texas near the coast received close to 50 inches of rain over the course of just a week, and the town of Sinton was no exception.

If you live in or around Sinton and have suffered any damage, loss, injury, or other after-effects of Hurricane Harvey, you may have questions about the next steps for hurricane victims in Sinton. Fortunately, there is a Sinton hurricane insurance claims lawyer from Carabin Shaw ready and willing to handle your case.

The lawyers at Carabin Shaw are here to help make you aware of all the necessary next steps for hurricane victims in Sinton. After the storm, there are a few key proactive steps you can take as the victim to help mitigate and preserve your claim. Some of these basic steps our attorneys recommend to those currently seeking post-hurricane relief are:

  • Record Photographic/Video Evidence of Losses
    As soon as it is once again safe to physically assess your property, it is crucial that careful documentation of losses on behalf of the victim begins. Documenting every detail and visual evidence of your case is of the utmost importance. This might include taking pictures of the extent of damage to your house and property inside and out. Save all receipts of your rebuilding efforts, and generally stay on top of your claim. The more you do now, the easier and more successful your case may prove to be down the road during the settlement process.
  • Minimize and Mitigate Future Damages
    Especially after a disaster of Harvey’s magnitude, it could be days or weeks before an adjuster can visit your home or property and physically assess all damage. In the interim, it is necessary that you take appropriate precautions to prevent further damage to your property, which might invalidate your claim. The claims process is, first and foremost, a negotiation; thus, effectively mitigating your damages also includes never accepting the insurer’s first offer after the initial appraisal.
  • Find Your Insurance Policy
    A physical copy of your insurance policy should always be securely stored in a safe location that is easily accessible in case of an emergency. Once you have located your policy, read it carefully to see what you may be covered for specifically in the case of wind, water, or other damages related to the storm. Perhaps the most important piece of information is your policy number; if you have your policy number, you can at least begin the process of setting a claim in motion with your insurer. After you have done all this, call your insurance provider and let them know you will be filing a claim.
  • Be Assertive with Your Claim
    No one will handle your claim better than the individual whom it affects most directly: you. As you seek legal counsel or handle your claim directly with an insurer, the truth is that the best way to preserve the success of your case is a vigilant and avid awareness on the part of the victim. Perhaps the best way to start your claim off in a progressive and assertive manner is to document and record all damages to be used in your case later on. If the claims process goes south, never hesitate to summon proper legal guidance to assist you in the process of obtaining compensation and prevent insurance companies an opportunity to control the narrative.

Hurricane Harvey still has the potential to be the most expensive hurricane ever recorded, and the effort to restore the region to a state of normalcy will be an ongoing and lengthy process. Battling the effects of flooding in Sinton can be a confusing and difficult time. Thankfully, the team of attorneys at Carabin Shaw handles all types of Sinton hurricane claims and other cases related to Sinton hurricane claims.

We will stop at nothing to see each of our clients receive maximum recompense from all responsible parties. If for any reason there is a third party at fault for damages accrued in the storm whose involvement can be traced to the extent of damages, our attorneys will take these factors into account on our way to building an airtight case. Our lawyers possess more than 25 years of experience fighting successfully for the rights of victims’ in a variety of loss and personal injury cases, including all types of claims related to hurricane and natural disaster damage.

If you or someone you care about has endured any damages in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in and around Sinton, Texas, there is a Carabin Shaw lawyer ready to take on your claim. Regardless of whether your home was flooded, leveled, or otherwise damaged in the storm, our lawyers will stop at nothing to secure all forms of due compensation for our clients and their losses.

The immediate next steps for Hurricane Harvey victims in Sinton must always be approached carefully and with necessary legal guidance for victims. We are prepared to offer you a preliminary consultation that is both free of charge and free of obligation. We even have bilingual attorneys standing by to assist our Spanish-speaking clients. Contact a lawyer from Carabin Shaw today at 1.800.682.1260. We are here for you.

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