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Norman OK Burn Injury Lawyer | Severely Burn in an Accident?

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 180,000 people worldwide will die of a severe burn injury every year. In October of 2020, a citizen of Norman OK was tragically added to this devastating statistic. The man was killed when a fire broke out in his apartment complex near 12th Ave and Alameda. Even when victims survive their burn injuries, the financial losses and property damage can be extensive (such as the losses suffered by the residents of Brentwood Pointe Apartments when their units were damaged in a complex-wide fire).

What choices do victims have after a severe burn accident in Oklahoma? There may be more options available than you think. With the help of the experienced Oklahoma accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw, burn victims and their families can seek fair compensation for their losses by filing a burn injury lawsuit. Schedule a case review with our team of personal injury lawyers in Norman OK to learn more.

Accidents and Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are typically categorized as thermal, chemical, electrical, or radiation burns (friction and cold burns, while possible, are much rarer). These dangerous injuries are often the result of avoidable accidents. Some of the most commonly occurring accidents leading to severe burn injury include:

Fires Started by Negligent Neighbors

For residents of Norman OK who live in multi-family housing (apartments, duplexes, etc.), the risk of suffering a residential fire is much higher due to the possibility of careless neighbors. Unfortunately, innocent bystanders can pay the price of their neighbors’ gross negligence.

Automobile Collisions

Car crashes and other automotive accidents can lead to contact with hot surfaces, ignited gasoline, or chemical agents. Additionally, there is always the possibility that the vehicle itself will catch on fire or the engine will combust.

Workplace Accidents

Oilfield workers, electricians, firefighters, truckers, chemical plant employees, and workers on the manufacturing line are at a heightened risk for workplace burn injury. In the state of Oklahoma, employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, so your employer should offer you compensation for your workplace injury.

However, if your employer withholds compensation, your injuries were caused by a third party (such as a coworker or outside contractor), or your damages exceeded the worker’s compensation payment cap, contact a Norman burn injury lawyer to explore your options.

Lack of Protective Gear Accidents

Protective gear is vital when you are going to be exposed to radiation or electrical currents. For example, a dentist often places protective gear over your body while taking X-rays of your teeth to prevent soft tissue radiation. If victims are not provided with adequate protection when handling combustible or dangerous materials, tragic accidents may happen.

Faulty Product Accidents

Research shows that faulty products (such as heating appliances, landscaping tools, household chemicals, electric blankets, etc.) are responsible for thousands of severe burns every year. Product manufactures must be held legally and financially liable for the accidents caused by their negligence by a qualified personal injury lawyer.

These are only a few examples of the myriad forms of burn accidents statewide. Severe burn accidents like these can cause serious injury, insurmountable debt, and long-term pain and suffering. At Carabin Shaw, we believe that every innocent burn accident victim should see the justice they deserve.

The Oklahoma Accident Lawyers at Carabin Shaw Can Help

Are you one of the thousands of Oklahomans who will severely burn in an accident every year? The Norman burn injury lawyers of Carabin Shaw are qualified to help you seek fair compensation for your losses. Our burn injury attorneys are dedicated to representing accident victims and their families with passion, dedication, and respect.

Call our office toll-free today at 800-862-1260 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation with the Carabin Shaw personal injury lawyers in Norman Ok.

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