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Odessa Wrongful Termination Lawsuit: What To Do Next

It feels wrong to be punished for doing what you know is right, which is what happens in wrongful termination cases under the Sabine Pilot doctrine. If your employer asks you to commit illegal acts, they put you in an unfair predicament. On one hand, you know carrying out this task is morally wrong; on the other, you may be afraid of the repercussions for not listening to your boss. If this has happened to you in Odessa, you are not alone.

If you’ve ever been fired in Odessa for refusing to commit an illegal act demanded by your employer, you may be eligible for compensation. When an employer fires you out of retaliation, you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit and fight to get your job back, including monetary compensation for any damages that incurred as a result of your firing.

To understand how to proceed in your current situation, your best option is to discuss the details of your case with our Odessa wrongful termination attorneys at Carabin Shaw. Our attorneys pride themselves on their keen listening ability, which gives them an edge in making the most of your case. Talk to us if you want to know what to do next in an Odessa wrongful termination lawsuit.

Wrongful Termination Next Steps

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated in Odessa, there are a series of proper steps you should take. In many cases, your first option is to discuss your situation with human resources. They may be able to help you without taking the issue outside of the organization. However, if human resources cannot bring your case to a close, you’ll have to file a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Typically, to submit a claim to the EEOC, you’ll need to file within 45 days of the incident. Before you do, be sure to gather supporting evidence that can help your case, which includes items like pay stubs, written statements from witnesses, written interactions with your boss like emails or text messages. If the matter isn’t resolved in 30 days, you must file a formal complaint to the EEOC to begin an investigation--your window for this being 180 days after the termination. After investigating, they may issue a remedy. If not, the plaintiff can then pursue the case by filing a civil suit with an attorney.

If you ever have questions about what to do next in an Odessa wrongful termination lawsuit, contact contact Carabin Shaw. Our Odessa employment lawyers are here and ready to take care of you.

How the Law Protects You

Because Texas is an employment at-will state, employers in public companies are able to fire employees without cause or forewarning if there’s no prior written agreement. However, in the 1985 court case Sabine Pilot v. Hauck, 687 S.W.2d 733, a judge found protection for an employee who was fired for refusing to carry out an illegal act. This finding, now referred to as a Sabine Pilot claim, has become common law in Texas.

Who Can Help?

Getting fired for standing up and not participating in criminal activity is not only wrong, it is illegal. If you or a loved one feels they were fired for refusing to carry out an illegal action demanded by their or employer, you should contact a lawyer. Although the burden of proof in a Sabine Pilot case can be high for the plaintiff, collecting evidence for your case and speaking with an attorney to create a strong plan of action for an employment lawsuit greatly stacks the odds in your favor.

If you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated, contact our employment lawyers at Carabin Shaw in Odessa. We know wrongful termination lawsuits in Odessa, and can help you with what to do next. Our experience with business and employment law means we are dedicated to advocating for your rights against insurance companies and corporations, who we never represent. Our lawyers focus on individuals like you who have been wronged by a larger entity. We, at Carabin Shaw, are here to listen to your unique circumstances and are prepared to take on your case. Call us today toll free 432-620-0544.

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