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Oilfield Fires and Explosions | Hobbs Personal Injury Attorney

Although the oilfield is a lucrative industry for its employees in Hobbs, New Mexico, the job itself comes with serious dangers. The numerous flammable liquids and gases on an oil rig combined with the use of electricity to operate the heavy machinery means even a small spark could cause an unimaginable disaster.

If you or a loved one have been injured in oilfield fires and explosions, you need someone by your side who can fight to get you compensation. An experienced Hobbs, New Mexico oilfield accident lawyer can review the unique circumstances of your case to determine what kind of recoupment you deserve. Hobbs attorney James Shaw has been managing partner at Carabin Shaw for nearly three decades, where he’s been fighting for oilfield accident victims day in and day out to get them proper justice.

Causes of Rig Explosions

With the right safety precautions and awareness, many oilfield fires and explosions can be avoided. The unfortunate truth is, when they do occur, they are often due to someone’s negligence and likely didn’t have to happen. Below are the common causes of rig explosions:

1. Fires

Of all risks for explosion, fire is the #1 threat because of the large amount of stored fuel. Oil is extremely flammable, so even the smallest spark could put everyone in the oilfield at serious risk.

Heavy machinery can create sparks that can ignite oil. Workers must be extremely cautious when welding, cutting, or grinding. Once a spark starts a fire, it can spread rapidly and cause an explosion. If a fire caused your injury, talk to a Hobbs oilfield injury lawyer.

2. Blowouts

When pressure control systems fail, it can cause the uncontrolled release of gas and oil. If an oil rig applies more pressure than needed during the drilling process, the underground oil can erupt. With today’s technology and safety precautions, blowouts happen less often than they used to. Still, oilfield workers should be trained in preventative measures to avoid blowouts.

3. Defective equipment

Work in the oilfield requires the use of an array of heavy equipment. This equipment requires constant inspections and routine upkeep to remain effective and safe. Sometimes, this maintenance gets pushed to the wayside in favor of profit. When defective equipment causes an accident, it’s tragic.

Talk to an attorney if you were injured by defective equipment in a New Mexico oilfield.

Potential Claims after an Oilfield Accident

After an injury or death in the oilfield, there are a number of ways you can pursue compensation. The following are the different angles your lawyer may take in trying to get you the money you deserve:

  • Negligence
    When companies fail to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and other safety regulations, they should pay for their negligence.
  • Worker’s compensation
    Employees who suffer a workplace injury are entitled to compensation for their medical bills and ⅔ of lost wages if they are unable to work. If your accident causes you to be permanently disabled, a Hobbs, New Mexico oilfield accident lawyer can fight to get you life-long compensation.
  • Product liability
    When a faulty part causes an accident, it can be a product liability case. Often, manufacturers are held to standards of strict liability when their products cause injuries, which means they will be responsible for paying for your damages.
  • Wrongful death
    If your loved one died in an oilfield accident, we will fight to get you and your family compensation for medical bills, funerary costs, loss of counsel, and other economic and non-economic damages.
The Promise of Attorney James Shaw

When you or a loved one is injured in an oilfield accident, the circumstances can be overwhelming. Having the right Hobbs oilfield injury lawyer can take the burden of getting justice off your hands. Hobbs attorney James Shaw always puts his clients first, which is why Carabin Shaw has been named a top 10 law firm in client satisfaction. Call today for a free consultation at 1-800-555-0101.

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