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Premises Liability vs Product Liability for Beaumont Burn Victims

In Beaumont TX, consumers face daily decisions about the types of products to buy and the private and public spaces they visit. When the negligence of manufacturers, retailers, or property owners threatens the safety of the consumers they serve, however, the results can be catastrophic.

Some of the most common sources of burn injuries include accidents caused by faulty products, or unsafe physical conditions within public and private facilities. Such accidents can lead to tremendous pain and suffering for victims, often having long-term implications for a victim’s quality of life, financial security, and emotional health. That’s why top Texas lawyers atCarabin Shaw are committed to working with burn victims and their families to pursue compensation after a burn accident.

Experienced Beaumont burn injury attorneys can help you to determine if your injuries would be best addressed through a product liability or premises liability claim, then fight to ensure you receive a fair financial settlement.

Understanding Duty of Care in Personal Injury Cases

Determining the differences between premises liability vs product liability for Beaumont burn victims is an important first step in developing a compelling personal injury claim. Both types of claims are founded on the legal concept known as “duty of care,” which argues that entities like manufacturers, retailers, and property owners are responsible for taking reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of their consumers.

Product Liability and Potentially Harmful Products

When the source of a burn injury is a malfunctioning, defective, or dangerous product, product liability claims can hold retailers and manufacturers responsible. Some of the most common products that have been linked to catastrophic burn injuries in the past include:

  • All terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Seatbelts
  • Stoves
  • Electric blankets
  • Highly flammable clothing
  • Hairdryers

In some cases, the hazard can be identified as the result of poor manufacturing or a faulty design, while in others, dangers result from misleading marketing or inadequate safety warnings. Personal injury lawyers in Beaumont Texas are experienced in helping victims determine which parties’ negligence was responsible for their injury and taking the necessary steps to hold them accountable.

Premises Liability Law in Beaumont TX

In other cases, consumers encounter unsafe conditions when visiting common public venues like restaurants, parks, or hospitals. Experienced attorneys know that too often landlords fail to maintain electrical wiring systems or household appliances, leading to foreseeable hazards and accidents.

Common sources of burn injuries leading to premises liability claims include:

  • Contact with hot liquid or steam at restaurants
  • Chemical spills and/or radiation at laboratories
  • Frayed electrical wiring
  • Poorly contained fires
  • Gas explosions

In most instances, successful premises liability claims require victims to prove that their accident was the direct result of hazards that property owners either knew about or could have reasonably been expected to know about, but failed to address. Beaumont burn injury attorneys are available to help you identify any ways in which property owners’ failures to meet their duty of care contributed to your accident.

What Steps Should I Take to Pursue a Product Liability or Premises Liability Claim?

In all cases of burn injury, it is important that victims collect as much evidence as possible in support of their case. When police reports are not available, the burden often falls on individuals and their lawyers to collect documentation from sources like medical reports and eyewitness testimonies. Personal injury lawyers in Beaumont Texas are ready to speak with you to begin a free consultation and review your case.

Carabin Shaw Offers Free Consultations to Burn Injury Victims

When a catastrophic burn injury has upended your life, you want guidance from a respected law firm with a proven track record of securing justice for victims and their families. The Top Texas lawyers atCarabin Shaw are poised to help residents of Beaumont TX file a lawsuit, the first step toward achieving peace of mind and a fair settlement after suffering a burn injury.

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