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Proving Negligence After Catastrophic Burn Injuries in Norman OK

Burn injuries cause significant pain and suffering for victims. Severe burn injuries also can cost victims hundreds of thousands of dollars. Countless Norman OK burn victims and their families have been forced to learn these hard truths. Whether they have suffered thermal, chemical, electrical, or other forms of burn injuries, these victims deserve justice. While no amount of money can erase the pain and suffering of burn victims, they may be able to reclaim their losses in a burn injury lawsuit.

Are you eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for your burn injury in Norman OK? According to state law, you must first establish that another person or entity has caused your injuries out of negligence or ill-intent. The Oklahoma lawyers at Carabin Shaw can review your case to determine the liable parties for your injuries.

How Will My Attorney Prove Negligence in My Burn Injury Lawsuit?

Proving negligence after catastrophic burn injuries in Norman OK is one of the first and most important duties of a Norman personal injury attorney. In order to prove that your burn injury was caused by the negligence of an individual or entity, your Norman burn accident lawyer will need to establish the following:

1. The Defendant Owed the Plaintiff a Duty of Care

Firstly, it must be proven that the individual or entity you are seeking to reclaim damages for owed you a duty of care or right to reasonable safety. Some examples include:

  • A caretaker’s duty to provide a safe environment for their charges
  • A landlord’s responsibility to install functioning smoke detectors in all their rental units
  • A manufacturer’s duty to test and maintain products that are safe for consumer use
2. The Defendant Breached This Duty of Care Out of Negligence

Secondly, it must be established that the plaintiff’s actions were negligent, resulting in a breach of their duty. Examples include:

  • A caretaker leaving a child or elderly person unsupervised in a heating bathtub
  • A landlord failing to regularly inspect their rental units’ smoke detectors
  • A manufacturer’s failure to employ an adequate number of inspectors to ensure product safety
3. The Plaintiff Was Directly Injured by the Defendant’s Gross Negligence

Finally, it will be your lawyer’s job to connect the defendant’s negligence with the circumstances leading to your injuries. For example:

  • The above caretaker’s negligence leading to their charge’s third-degree scald burns from hot bath water
  • The above landlord’s negligence resulting in their tenant’s not being alerted in time to escape from a burning apartment complex
  • The above manufacturer’s failure to ensure safe products leading to their products combusting into flame or electrocuting the consumer

Once your Oklahoma attorney has established that the defendant’s negligence led to your burn accident, they will then determine the extent of the defendant’s financial responsibility. A burn injury lawsuit settlement is calculated by establishing what the plaintiff has lost due to their injuries (such as physical injuries, financial costs, and long-term suffering) combined with the legal limitations regarding the amount the defendant can be forced to surrender.

Have questions about establishing liability in your burn injury lawsuit? Contact a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to avoid Oklahoma’s two year statute of limitations for burn injury lawsuits.

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