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Questions for Louisiana Lawyers After Suspected Daycare Abuse

Learning that your child has been the victim of daycare abuse is a challenging discovery. The trust and faith that parents put in daycare centers is immense, and for many working parents there is no other option than to do so. These centers are necessary, though not always safe, and any child may be at risk of daycare sexual abuse in Louisiana.

If you suspect that your child has been the victim of daycare sexual abuse in Louisiana, then you and your child may be suffering mental and emotional distress alongside the anxiety that comes with trying to find a new daycare. This search may cut into work, resulting in lost wages and financial struggles.

Louisiana child abuse Lawyers at Carabin Shaw are ready to work with you, and to answer some of the pressing questions you may have. Our attorneys have expert-level experience in fighting child abuse cases and understand that time is the most important resource that parents have.

Questions for Louisiana Lawyers After Suspected Daycare Abuse What Constitutes Child Abuse in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s children’s code identifies abuse as an act that puts the physical, emotional, or mental health of a child at serious risk. This includes inflicting mental or physical injury (or allowing it to be inflicted), exploitation through overwork, and sexual abuse or involving children in pornography.

These criteria are not extensive and it is vital to contact an expert lawyer, such as those at Carabin Shaw, if you believe that your child has been the victim of daycare abuse.

What Steps Does Louisiana Take to Ensure Children’s Safety in Daycare?

Louisiana regulates daycare centers by requiring approved childcare centers to obtain a license from the state. This process requires an inspection of the facility, as well as repeated and unannounced inspections once per year at least. The Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services also requires background checks for all volunteers and employees of a daycare center, with a close eye for prior child neglect or abuse allegations.

Do Louisiana Background Checks Prevent Daycare Abuse?

Regrettably, these background checks are not perfect. Identified predators who may not work with or around children may still end up being near them for other reasons at a daycare. Additionally, background checks do not identify predators who have no previous criminal records or charges. Daycare sexual abuse, especially, can go unreported or unnoticed if a predator is careful.

If you suspect that your child has been abused, it is important to contact Louisiana child injury attorneys as soon as possible.

What Is the Risk of Sexual Child Abuse Happening at My Daycare?

According to data gathered in 2017, over one in every 2,000 children were victims of sexual abuse. A number of these occurred within daycare centers. Because daycare sexual abuse can occur wherever a predator may be present, awareness and communication with your child is vital.

What Can a Quality Attorney Do for You?

Louisiana child abuse Lawyers at Carabin Shaw are experts in their field. An experienced attorney will help you file your claim, establish a case, communicate with insurance companies, and ensure the maximum possible settlement.

Experts at Carabin Shaw ensure expediency and efficiency, and provide commitments-free case reviews so that victims of daycare abuse and their parents have the chance to decide that to pursue a claim is right for them. We offer free case review and initial consultation and are available toll-free, 24/7, at 800-862-1260 with both English AND Spanish-speaking staff.

When Should You Contact a Child Abuse Attorney?

If you suspect that your child has been improperly touched or sexually abused while at daycare then it is vital to seek support quickly. Our experts are ready to fight for the health and well-being of your child, and the justice you are owed.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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