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Seguin Rollover Accidents

You can read about all the horrible rollover accidents that happen on and around I-10 in the Seguin Gazette. Headlines like, “Child airlifted after Friday rollover crash”, “3 sent to area hospital in pair of auto crashes” and “Kingsbury man killed in roll-over”, frequent the publication. Unfortunately, rollover accidents like these are very common. The slightest wrong maneuver caused by yourself or another driver on the road can send you rolling in a matter of seconds leading to serious injuries or even death. If you or a family member has been injured in a rollover accident, it is important that you seek an experienced Seguin rollover accident attorney. The injuries sustained as a result of a rollover accident can be life changing, and in some cases can result in death. Our team of lawyers at Carabin Shaw will review the specifics of the accident and discuss the legal options with you.

One of the most common injuries sustained from Seguin rollover accidents are those caused by a roof of the vehicle being caved in. When a roof caves in or an object on the ground crushes into the vehicle, occupants of that vehicle can sustain serious head trauma, neck and spinal cord injuries. The roof of the vehicle being crushed has also contributed to passenger ejection in some car accident cases, causing severe injuries or death. If you have been involved in a rollover accident in Seguin causing severe injuries to you or your passengers, contact the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw today. We can guide you through the legal process of filing a personal injury claim.

Although not all rollover accidents can be prevented, there are a few things you can do to avoid being involved in one of the many Seguin rollover accidents that occur. The following list provides some tips that could be life saving:

Choose a Vehicle With a Wide Base and low Center of Gravity

Pickup trucks and minivans are rollover prone. The way these vehicles are built make them very unstable and likely to roll. Cars built lower to the ground have less of a chance of a rollover and make for a safer option.

Make Sure Both You and Your Passengers are Buckled up

Most Seguin auto accidents where an occupant of the vehicle was killed was the result of the passengers not being buckled in. Once the car goes rolling, passengers are thrown around and can even be tossed from the car. The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe while riding in a car is to buckle up right when you get in.

Take Turns on the Road With Caution

Speed is a common culprit when rollovers occur. Simply slowing down for turns can save your life and the lives of others sharing the road with you.

Be Mindful of Driving Conditions

Being sure to drive with respect for the driving conditions is a sure way to avoid a rollover. Even the smallest amount of moisture on the road can send you into an accident. If ice, snow or water are present slow down and drive with caution.

Stay Sober When You Drive

Drinking and driving don't mix. Driving while under the influence causes drivers to drive erratic and make unsafe driving decisions leading to accidents. Plan ahead, be sure to find a ride home or travel with a designated driver if you plan on drinking.

Use the Two Second Rule

Be sure not to tailgate. Give yourself enough time to safely stop or maneuver out of the way of the driver ahead of you.

These tips can be very useful in helping you stay safe out on the roadway, however our attorneys at Carabin Shaw know that you can not account for other drivers on the road. Our team of Seguin attorneys will aggressively fight to get you compensation for medical bills, physical therapy and loss of income that you sustain as a result of being in one of the many Seguin rollover accidents that happen everyday. There are some rollover accidents that cause severe injuries that can lead to permanent damage to your well-being and you may require long-term care. Rest assured that our team of Seguin lawyers will get you the compensation that you need for future medical expenses. Call Carabin Shaw today - we can help.

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