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Seguin Truck Driver Negligence

In Seguin, as well as elsewhere in the Hill Country, the sights and new economic growth has brought all kinds of new business to town. But with new business comes new amounts of traffic, heavier vehicles than the roads are used to bearing, and drivers who are unfamiliar with the roadways and are therefore distracted by GPS devices and maps while trying to find their various destinations. While for most drivers occasionally checking directions does not pose too much of a hazard, in Seguin, truck driver negligence of any variety can wreak havoc in regards to property damage, severe injuries, and sometimes loss of life.

This is the reason Carabin Shaw employs a dedicated Seguin truck driver negligence lawyer. Our specialized attorney knows not only where Seguin 18 wheeler accidents are more likely to occur, but also possible causes for accidents in such areas. Seguin, for example, can be considered one of the last stops between Houston and San Antonio, which means truck drivers pulling into town late at night are more likely to be suffering from sleep deprivation or an overdose of wakefulness stimulants, both of which impair the driver. Other probable causes in the Seguin include drugged driving (even if the drugs are prescription), distracted driving (by cell phone, radio, passengers, or rubbernecking), negligent driving (especially when passing through small towns), and even drunk driving (as when a group of workers throws a few back after a long hard day on a construction site or oil drill). Fortunately, our lawyers have handled all of the above types of cases and more.

In our legal opinion, Seguin truck driver negligence should never go unpunished. Unfortunately, because some areas of the Seguin are more remote and rural than others, not every accident is reported to our law offices. Trucking companies, and by extension their insurance providers, try to use this to their advantage and settle the damages, no matter how severe, out of court. It not only saves them the trouble of putting together a defense, but also avoids publicity, which would have a far greater negative impact on their ability to continue doing business-as-is in the area. This is why our overall legal strategy is to expose Seguin truck driver negligence one case at a time, making the evidence of poor and dangerous driving practices so irrefutable that these companies and the drivers they have hired are forced to mend their ways. Each victory won by a Carabin Shaw attorney is a victory won for people all over the Seguin.

If you have been injured by a commercial trucking vehicle, and you suspect negligence of any kind may have contributed to your accident, contact the professional and accomplished lawyers at Carabin Shaw today. We will give you a free consultation. This means that before you ever agree to hire us for legal representation or sign any official documents, we will meet with you to discuss your situation.

Typically, we will first ask a series of detailed questions about your circumstances, examine any bruises or lesions on your body and take pictures for evidentiary purposes, and take a look at any other evidence you may have in the form of pictures, audio recordings, or medical documents. Then, we explain our legal strategy using words any person can understand, so you know exactly how we plan to represent you and bring you the justice you deserve.

Our entire legal term is multilingual, and our attorneys can conduct this consultation in English or Spanish. Call us today at 210-222-2288 for help getting the justice you are due.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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