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Senior Center Legal Coronavirus FAQs | Legal Resource for Families

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Texas families are asking difficult questions—when will it be appropriate to open my small business? Will I be able to send my child back to school in the fall? One of the most common issues Texan families are facing, however, is concern over the safety of their family in loved ones residing in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Many are asking: can I trust my nursing home facility to properly care for my parents for the duration of the pandemic? For those questions and others, the Texas injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw have prepared a list of senior center legal coronavirus FAQs to offer guidance for Texas families.

While this guide is intended for those seeking legal compensation for damages incurred by exposure to the coronavirus with the help of nursing home neglect lawyers in Texas, you should also always seek medical advice from your healthcare practitioner and refer to the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines if you have more questions about how the virus is contracted and how it can be prevented. Your lawyer will know the legal ramifications of failure to adhere to state quarantine or social distancing guidelines.

The Most Important Senior Center Legal Coronavirus FAQs

Should I be concerned about my relative in a nursing home facility?

While we hope that the facilities we choose to house one of our most vulnerable populations would be safe and responsible, the reality is that the coronavirus outbreak continues to plague nursing homes around the country. Make sure to speak with nursing home staff and ask difficult questions: do they have a coherent plan in the case of an outbreak? Where will they house infected residents? Do they have the equipment to carry out the necessary testing and PPE for all staff?

What constitutes nursing home elder neglect in terms of the coronavirus outbreak?

Elder abuse constitutes any intentional or negligent act of a caretaker/provider that results in an elderly person receiving substandard care. During the coronavirus outbreak, this could encompass lack of testing for residents and staff, failure to detect an outbreak early, failure to sanitize equipment between visitations, and lax quarantine measures that contribute to an unmitigated spread of the virus. Tell your attorney if your loved one who resides in a nursing home has experienced elder neglect of any kind during a coronavirus outbreak.

Can a nursing home be held liable for a coronavirus outbreak?

A nursing home’s responsibilities involve not only caring for individual residences but to properly maintain their facilities and to follow best medical practices, including the guidelines as outlined by the CDC. If it can be proven that the nursing home was negligent in upkeeping these standards, they may be held liable for injuries or fatalities incurred in the outbreak. In some cases, failure to adequately prevent a coronavirus outbreak could be considered a breach of contract cause of action.

What can I do in the event of a coronavirus outbreak caused by the negligence of a nursing home facility?

In the event of a nursing home failing to comply with medical best practices and therefore exposing residents to a COVID-19 outbreak, it is in your best interest to contact the nursing home neglect lawyers in Texas at Carabin Shaw.

If you have further questions about how injury law applies to the coronavirus outbreak, don’t hesitate to ask your lawyer.

The Texas injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw believe in providing the highest quality representation to Texas seniors. If you or a loved one have been exposed to the novel coronavirus in a Texas nursing home, contact our experienced attorneys today. Call toll-free at 1-800-862-1260 for an absolutely free, no obligation consultation. We will always fight for our client’s best interests and seek the fairest compensation possible.

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