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Senior or Elder Neglect in New Mexico Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents in New Mexico deserve the full and attentive care of the home’s staff. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Elder neglect appears to be a growing problem in the United States. Neglect makes up for more than half of all elder abuse cases in this country. The consequences of prolonged negligence on nursing home residents can be severe and sometimes even fatal.

Detecting Negligence

Unfortunately, many senior citizens have difficulty recognizing the problem. They may be confused, or unaware it is happening at all. And the signs of neglect can be even more difficult to spot from a distance. Family members and loved ones must be able to think for themselves and keep the elderly’s needs. If you suspect New Mexico nursing home negligence, here are a few symptoms to look for:

  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Anger and lashing out
  • Prolonged isolation
  • Malnutrition
  • Change in behavior and mood swings
  • Infection and new injuries
  • Bruising
  • Bedsores
Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Physical neglect is perhaps one of the more obvious forms of elder abuse, but it is only the beginning. If nursing home staff neglect residents’ wellbeing through emotional neglect or verbal abuse, they can worsen your loved one’s condition. A few of the most common types of senior or elder neglect in New Mexico nursing homes include:

  • Emotional neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Financial manipulation
  • Inattention to the basic standard of care
  • Sexual abuse
  • Healthcare fraud
What to Do When You Suspect Negligence

Nursing home negligence can be difficult to detect. A worsening condition due to negligence can be mistaken for frailty, symptoms of dementia, or even a natural effect of aging. The easier it is for you to recognize neglect, the quicker you can take action. The New Mexico elder abuse lawyers of Carabin Shaw are ready to help. The most important thing to remember is to trust yourself. If your loved one’s condition or disposition raises concerns, it is probably worth investigating.

To protect against New Mexico nursing home negligence, you should:

  • Watch for signs of abuse and neglect: Take note of even the slightest example of the signs of neglect listed above. Keep a watchful and critical eye on those in charge of the resident’s health, treatment, and well being.
  • Keep records: The more you can do now, the easier it will be for a lawyer to compile evidence and prove negligence later on. Do your best to keep records and document proof of any breakdown of the expected standard duty of care. Take photographs of worsening injuries and inadequate facilities. Save records of medication dosages and treatment expenses.
  • Communicate: Communication means not only establishing communication with your relative about their situation but also addressing a problem with the nursing facility directly. Try to find out what is going on, and get statements from those in charge. And whatever the response, get it in writing. Be polite but assertive when making initial inquiries.
  • Contact a lawyer: Following an incident of New Mexico nursing home negligence, reach out to an attorney. Someone with prior experience settling such claims can make all the difference as you try to pursue legal action. An attorney can help you assemble the facts of your case, detect negligence, and ultimately, file a successful settlement against those responsible for what happened.
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