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Serious Burn Injuries Suffered by Edmond OK Burn Victims

The Edmond Oklahoma fire department responds to approximately 8,900 calls for service annually. These calls are often related to residential fires, the most common cause of injury seen in Oklahoma’s intensive burn units. Victims of these burns may be eligible to seek compensation in the form of a burn injury lawsuit-- but what if you have suffered another form of burn injury?

The Oklahoma burn injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw have represented victims of a variety of burn injuries. No matter the type of your burn, our injury attorneys in Edmond OK are qualified to represent your claim.

Degrees of Severity

Having a medical professional categorize your burn’s severity will help your Edmond burn accident lawyer accurately estimate the damages you are owed in your burn injury settlement. Burns are categorized by degrees and can be identified by the extent of damage or characteristic surface features.

First-Degree Burns

Only affecting the outer layer of skin (the epidermis), first-degree burns are unlikely to require hospitalization or long-term care. However, just because these burns are not considered “severe” does not mean that you should not seek fair compensation for first-degree burns caused by the negligence of another.

Second-Degree Burns

Second-degree burns (or partial thickness burns) are on the lower end of what we generally consider to be “serious burn injuries.” These burns affect the inner and outer layer of skin (the dermis and epidermis) and are usually accompanied by blisters or scarring.

Third-Degree Burns

Most severe burn injury lawsuits are filed by victims seeking compensation for third-degree burns. The most dangerous of all burn injuries, third-degree burns (also known as full thickness burns) can result in fatality or long-term disability. These burns reach beyond the top two layers of skin to the muscle and bone beneath, often causing disfiguring scars, nerve and muscle damage, or life-threatening infection.

Examples of Serious Burns

Examples of serious burn injuries suffered by Edmond OK burn victims include:

Thermal Burn Injuries Caused by Fires/Explosions

Residential fires are the most common source of severe burn injuries in Edmond Oklahoma every year. However, victims of thermal burns may be injured in automobile collisions, product malfunctions, or the negligence of others. Not only are the surface burns incredibly dangerous, victims may also inhale a significant amount of dangerous carbon monoxide in a residential fire.

Chemical Burn Injuries

Caustic chemical compounds can quickly damage skin tissue if not safely handled. Victims may be severely burned by common household items such as bleach, toilet cleaner, car battery acid, or certain forms of fertilizer.

Electrical Burn Injuries

Electrocution can cause not only severe surface burns but extensive damage to the internal organs. The source of electrical burns is exposed electrical currents, whether from defective home appliances, exposed wiring in the home, or inherently risky workplaces (i.e. working as a mechanic or electrician).

Workplace Burn Injuries

The workplace can be a source of many dangerous burn injuries. In the state of Colorado, employers must offer their workers compensation if they have been injured during the course of their employment, regardless of fault. However, there may be occasions where workers can file a burn injury lawsuit to seek further compensation (for example, if their employer withholds full worker’s compensation by falsely claiming the worker was negligent). As always, contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Whatever the type of burn, the Edmond burn accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw believe victims have the right to fair compensation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can represent your severe burn injury lawsuit.

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