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The Basics of a Seguin Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many of us have probably heard of someone, a relative, a friend or even a coworker who was in some type of accident in Seguin where they sustained some form of injury. A personal injury is the term used when someone has been hurt mentally, emotionally, or physically. The basics of a Seguin personal injury lawsuit is something you should learn more about if you have had the unfortunate experience of getting hurt in an accident yourself in Seguin.

There are many types of personal injuries that can occur. The umbrella for the category of personal injury is broad, ranging from auto accidents and medical malpractice to sustaining injuries from a faulty product. Personal injuries and the accidents that cause them are becoming far too prevalent due to behaviors, such as, negligence and carelessness. Although those are not the only reasons for personal injuries to occur, those aspects certainly do not help create a safe environment.

If you have been a victim of personal injury, you need to file a claim with a Seguin personal injury lawyer. It is necessary to speak with an attorney who would be able to go over the accident details with you or your family member, and assist you in better understanding how the process works. An experienced attorney from Carabin Shaw would be happy to help you in creating a strong case to seek the compensation that you deserve.

The Basics of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The basics of a Seguin personal injury lawsuit can be anywhere from simple to complex depending on your unique case. Our lawyers will go over all of your case details and break down the process step by step. First, it is important to seek medical treatment. Time is of the essence, so seek out medical attention as soon as possible. A professional medical opinion will often add weight to your claim.

You should speak with an attorney after you or your loved one experiences a Seguin personal injury accident and after receiving medical attention for your injuries. Once we consult with you, we will investigate further and look at your medical records to gather as many reinforcing evidence of your story as we can to build a strong case for you.

The Negotiation Process

Depending on the type of injury and whether it is a smaller claim or larger one, we may opt to negotiate on your behalf before filing a lawsuit. Sometimes, in smaller straightforward cases, this gets you the result you want faster. In some more complex cases, however, it may take time.

The Discovery Process

In the event that a claim cannot be settled out of court, which could also depend on how severe or permanent your injuries are, a lawsuit will then be filed. This is when attorneys on both sides will communicate further to dig deeper, ask questions, get even more information about each other’s clients. This is called the discovery process.

The Mediation Process

After the discovery phase ends, we move into negotiations or through mediation if things cannot be settled between attorneys. You may have seen mediation portrayed on screen where clients with their attorneys come together as a mediator attempts to get both parties to come to an agreement and settle before having to go to trial.

The Trial Process

If a negotiated agreement is not accomplished at this time, a trial becomes necessary. This may be handled with a Seguin judge and jury in a matter of days or longer, depending on court scheduling and the complexity of your case.

Remember, the basics of a Seguin personal injury lawsuit are:

  • Be sure to get medical attention ASAP.
  • Contact a lawyer at Carabin Shaw.
  • Investigate details and look at medical records.
  • Attempt to settle out of court.
  • File a lawsuit.
  • Lawyers initiate the discovery process.
  • Negotiations with or without mediation.
  • We go to trial, if necessary.

Accidents in Seguin happen every day; that does not mean that your pain and suffering should be discounted. Our team at Carabin Shaw is standing by ready to help you fight. Remember, your initial consultation is absolutely free. Once we sit down and examine the details, we will be able to see what the best steps for us will be to take next. We want to help you receive the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Call us day or night at 800-862-1260 for your free consultation today. We are here for you, and our representatives are happy to speak to you in English or in Spanish.

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