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Tips for Dealing with Burn Injury Claims

Brownsville is known for showing both residents and businesses courtesy and concern. Its deep-water seaport is a hub for international trade, and facilities like SpaceX and STARGATE are evidence of the city’s growing technology sector. The majority of its economic activity is in service and manufacturing, and these jobs are expanding as more companies call the city home. These industries and the increased traffic, restaurants, apartment complexes, and rental properties have social and economic benefits. However, they also come with burn risks.

If an accident burned you, top Texas burn injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help secure compensation on your behalf. Read about tips for dealing with burn injury claims below.

Understanding How Burn Injury Claims Work

Not every burn injury is eligible for a legal case. However, any burn resulting from somebody else’s negligence or a defective product is worth speaking to Brownsville injury lawyers about. If you are unsure whether your experience meets the criteria for a burn injury claim, a free case review with one of our attorneys can help.

Burned at Your Workplace

If you were burned at work, workers’ compensation insurance will likely cover your injuries. Your company would process your appeal and prohibit you from filing a personal injury suit against it. That said, a lawsuit could be appropriate when a third party, such as a coworker or product manufacturer, was negligent and caused the accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that over 5,000 burn injuries occur at work each year. A significant portion of these accidents are eligible for compensation beyond what employers provide. For more information, contact burn injury attorneys in Brownsville.

Other circumstances, such as car accident burns, are clearer cut. In cases when another party causes you direct harm, there isn’t an employer working as a middleman. Top Texas burn injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw will evaluate and process your claim directly. They will also advocate for a fair settlement that takes all of your damages into account.

Calculate Your Settlement Value

There is no set formula for calculating a settlement value because each case is unique. The general principle, though, is that more severe injuries yield a higher payout. Our Brownsville injury lawyers will look into your medical expenses, quality of life changes, and pain and suffering to propose a number that meets your needs.

The following factors will make a difference in your medical care and, thus your settlement value:

  • Degree

    There are four different burn degrees. The higher the degree, the deeper and more dangerous the burn. Third and fourth-degree burns might require skin grafts or amputations. These higher degree burns typically yield larger settlements because they cause severe damage and prolong recovery.

  • Size

    If a burn covers more than 10% of your body, you should see a doctor. Second-degree burns vary in severity, and they are more damaging when they are widespread. Burn injury attorneys in Brownsville can help you manage these claims.

  • Location

    Burns over the joints, groin, feet, hands, and face can affect your quality of life. For example, burns on your joints can make it difficult to move, and burned hands can harm your dexterity. As a result, physicians might have to implement specialized care to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • Age

    Studies show that older adults tend to have a more difficult recovery process.

    • Other factors, such as:
    • Pre-existing health issues, like heart or lung conditions
    • Smoke inhalation damage to the lungs
    • Additional injuries, such as broken bones

For information about how these categories affect your claim, contact the most reliable lawyers in Brownsville at Carabin Shaw.

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