Victoria Dangers of Driving and Texting

Have you or a loved been injured by someone who was driving and texting? Serious injuries can occur and sometimes event death, when drivers chose to drive reckless. It is important to understand that a driver, in 5 seconds, traveling at 55 mph will cover the length of an entire football field. The most common form of distracted driving, and the most dangerous, is texting while driving.

American Automobile Association and Seventeen magazines conducted a survey; almost nine in 10 teenage drivers (86%) have driven while distracted, even though 84% say they know they shouldn't. Distracted driving is a growing problem on Texas roads, and the number of injuries and deaths will keep climbing every year unless drivers start educating themselves about safety regulations.

Texting while driving involves three types of distraction: visual, manual, and cognitive. The process of reaching for a phone and reading a text message requires you to take your eyes off the road, taking hands off the wheel, and take your mind off what you are doing. If you have been in an accident caused by a driver who was text messaging in Victoria, TX, the law firm of Carabin & Shaw can help.

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