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Victoria Types of Personal Injury Claims

In Victoria, the types of personal injury claims that come through our office are more numerous and varied than you might expect. Just like any other city, Victoria has its share of accidents. While no one can control the unexpected, there are many cases where an injury was very much in somebody’s power to prevent and had the legal duty to do so.

Personal injuries should never be taken lightly. If you’re hesitant over whether you should file a Victoria personal injury claim, consider for a moment the whole picture. Injuries of any nature can have consequences that reach farther than its immediate pain, inconvenience, and cost. Even an injury as common as a dislocation can leave latent bodily impairments, and if the injury has caused you to miss work, the lost income during those absences can begin a domino-effect of financial problems, leaving you struggling to catch up on bills because of an injury that happened years ago.

If you’ve been injured in Victoria, compare the circumstances of your incident with these common types of personal injuries. An attorney from Carabin Shaw will be able to confirm your claim for compensation, help estimate your damages, and outline just how much you could be covered for your physical and emotional suffering, as well as your financial losses.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Victoria

Vehicle Accidents

Because it is situated on a crossroads of some of Texas’ busiest highways, as well as its status as an economic hub and port, the increased volume of people and goods moving through Victoria means increased danger for its people on the road. Auto accident injuries are already the most common type of personal injury claim; in Victoria, they are that much worse.

Claims for vehicle accident injuries aren’t limited to collisions between passenger vehicles; they can also involve commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers. You can even file an injury claim for an accident while riding a bus, plane, or even a boat, though these cases take on additional considerations.

Workplace Accidents

Victoria is home to numerous industrial manufacturers that provide employment for many of its residents. Facilities operated by companies like Dow, Formosa Plastics, and Invista host an array of dangers to workers, from dangerous chemicals to heavy machinery. While many of these employers offer some form of assistance to their workers in high-risk positions, it isn’t uncommon for these programs to fall short of doing right by victims. If you believe your workplace injury isn’t being sufficiently handled, call an attorney from Carabin Shaw right away.

Faulty Products or Repairs

Unsafe products and repairs cause injury and damages too often to those who had no reason to suspect they were otherwise. Products that are flawed, defective, or dangerously mislabeled at the time of manufacture or sale can be the subjects of product liability lawsuits if those flaws can be demonstrably shown to have caused damages.

Just like a product, repairs to your home, vehicle, and other investments are sold to you on the good faith that they are not going to unexpectedly cause you harm. While an unsatisfactory plumbing fix may warrant a consumer complaint, plumbing that falls out of the ceiling on top of you should warrant a lawyer.

Slips and Falls

Similar in principle to the category above, Victoria’s business proprietors and property owners are responsible for the safety of their premises. If through poor maintenance or negligence, a patron or guest injures him or herself, such as by slipping on spilled liquid or tripping on uneven floorboard, a personal injury claim may be filed against those responsible for the property.

Medical Malpractice

One of the most overlooked types of personal injury is a medical malpractice claim. This is chiefly because victims of medical malpractice rarely realize that it has happened. If your medical treatment left you worse off than you were before and answers are in short supply, a Victoria medical malpractice attorney can help you get a certified second opinion.

Animal Bites

If an animal owned as a pet attacks and injures a person in Victoria, the owner assumes all responsibilities for their animal’s actions. This includes pets like dogs and cats, as well as livestock and working animals.

Speak to a Victoria Personal Injury Lawyer from Carabin Shaw

You shouldn’t have bear the physical and financial cost of an injury that was the fault of another. Personal injury law exists to protect people from the carelessness of those with the responsibility to ensure their safety. Attorneys with Carabin Shaw have been defending and restoring the lives of injury victims for decades; ask about your free initial consultation today, and let our team of attorneys put that success to work for you.

To learn just how much compensation you could be eligible to recover, call the law offices of Carabin Shaw in Victoria at 361.485.1400.

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