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What Are My Options After Experiencing a Burn Injury in Longmont?

A serious burn accident usually leaves its victims severely injured to the extent that it impacts their ability to work. In addition, most victims will need hospital treatment, specialized care, and perhaps long-term treatment. If you were recently involved in a burn accident in Longmont Colorado due to the fault of another, an attorney may be able to help you recover in the form of compensation for these damages.

Before you decide to pursue a lawsuit for the significant costs of a burn injury, it’s important to understand all of your legal options first. Each state has unique laws and regulations pertaining to personal injury cases, and an experienced Longmont CO burn accident lawyer will have extensive knowledge about Colorado-specific laws and the specificities of Colorado’s legal process. Some important information is listed below, but ultimately only a lawyer can provide expert guidance about your unique situation.

Read through some of the options available, and call Carabin Shaw law firm to discuss your potential case at no cost to you.

Questions to Consider Before Pursuing a Burn Injury Lawsuit Were Your Injuries Severe?
  • Severe injuries are those that have caused significant damage. This can include hospital stays, surgeries, specialized care, costly medications, property damage, etc. If your burn injuries are relatively minor (first-degree or lesser second-degree), a lawsuit may not be necessary.
  • Unsure if your injuries qualify you to pursue a case? Look to a trusted lawyer to guide you in the right direction.
Are You Able to Prove Your Losses (Present Evidence that Supports the Burn Damages You are Claiming?
  • During a personal injury lawsuit, your request for damages must be both reasonable and evidenced with proof. This proof should include medical bills, documentation, photos, testimonies, etc.
  • Personal injury attorneys serving Longmont will assist in attaining and compiling these documents for their clients (whose priority should be healing). A trusted attorney will also skillfully argue for the maximum compensation you are entitled to.
What About a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?
  • In the case of a wrongful death, surviving family members should file a lawsuit if the negligence of another party caused the untimely passing. This means that if the loved one had survived, they would have been eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.
  • The deceased’s spouse, family, or parents can sue for damages such as medical bills and funeral costs as well as lost wages and pain and suffering.
Statute of Limitations for a Personal Injury Case in Colorado

In Colorado, a victim or their family has two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit. You want to allow enough time for a victim to begin their treatment after a burn accident, but do not wait too long to research your options. Be sure to give your potential legal representation time to fully investigate the accident and file all necessary paperwork.

Arbitration/ Settlement Out of Court

While most personal injury cases are settled before they reach trial, a knowledgeable Colorado personal injury lawyer is important in the process of searching for any and all damages you are eligible for, handling communications with the defendant and their attorneys, and securing full compensation for the victim.

Settling out of court can be quick and more cost effective than trial, but an expert attorney should be at your side to help make the decision to either pursue your case in court or settle.

Free Case Review | Colorado burn injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw

If you have been wondering about legal options for yourself or a loved one after a severe burn injury, look no further than Carabin Shaw. We offer all of our clients free, no-obligations case reviews. This means that you are able to evaluate your options with a professional before ever committing.

Ask any initial questions you have about your potential case, and consider the best path forward for you and your family. Call 800-862-1260 at any time to schedule your free case review. We have English-and Spanish-speaking staff to help.

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